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Free Age of Conan trial now live

by Steven Williamson on 2 April 2009, 09:57

Tags: Age of Conan : Hyborian Adventures, Eidos (TYO:9684), PC, RPG

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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is now available as a free trial for a period of seven to fourteen days.

All you have to do to start playing Age of Conan today is visit the www.ageofconan.com/trial website, download the game and off you go. Various websites will also be hosting exclusive give-aways where gamers can receive a special key that will unlock rare virtual items in addition to the free trial play time.

Since launching last year, the development team has made significant updates to the game. Too many to list at once, here are a few highlights of what has been done in the past few months:

• NEW CONTENT! Experience countless hours of more content and adventure through new areas such as the expansive Ymir's Pass and the massive Xibaluku dungeon. Embark on new quests, face new challenges and experience entirely revamped dungeons and gameplay!

• ENHANCED PVP! The world of Conan is now more brutal than ever before. Increase your player vs. player level and reap the exclusive rewards as you slaughter enemy players, but be ready to face the violent consequences should you engage in criminal activities!

• BETTER SIEGES! The entire siege warfare experience has been improved, making sieges more fun and easier to get into. Warfare between guilds is now even more dramatic with specific resources that must be fought over in order to build and maintain battlekeeps!

• ENHANCED PERFORMANCE! Major updates have been made to technical stability and performance, allowing for a much smoother gameplay experience across a wider range of computer systems - even with higher levels of graphical detail enabled!

• ... AND MORE!
Many more improvements and additions have been made to Age of Conan since launch. More voice overs, more travel options, a new friend interface, new GUI options, easier access to PvP mini-games, better tradeskills and much, much more!

Launching in May last year ‘Age of Conan’ quickly became a smash hit in retail, shipping over 1.2 million copies around the world.

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So only when the game is in its death splutters, with a reputation for having no high-level content & a massive population of abusive griefers, does it get a demo?

*golf clapping*
Launching in May last year ‘Age of Conan’ quickly became a smash hit in retail, shipping over 1.2 million copies around the world.

Thats some good figures. But meaningless in the context of an mmo. How many continued and actually payed beyond the first month, and how many are still playing now. The answer. Not many. This has to be the final throw of the dice for AoC. Same thing will happen with Warhammer Online, its subscription base has dropped and now at 300K. Trying too hard to be the next WoW without looking at what made WoW so popular.
might give this a go