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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3 lands tomorrow

by Mark Tyson on 15 February 2021, 13:11

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Back in November 2020, HEXUS reported that the next big content update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, World Update 3, would be arriving early in 2021. Just ahead of the weekend MSFS support Tweeted that World Update 3 is undergoing its "final polish phase and is now locked in for release on Tuesday, 16th February". Moreover, this UK-centric update was described as "massive" by the developers.

Asobo Studio is putting the finishing touches to World Update 3, and for a brief teaser of the content in video form you can look at the recent developer Q&A session – skip forward to 18mins 15 sec for the section about the UK update.

Flying over the UK later in the week with thus be potentially a much richer experience. Asobo is adding the following major data updates:

  • 70+ new points of interest
  • London, Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham, and Bristol will be photogrammetry enhanced,
  • Five new airports are features including Manchester Barton, Liverpool EEGP, and Land's End,
  • There are improvements to 85 area airports,
  • Better elevation data across the UK,
  • And the game gets some new landing challenges.

Previous major World Updates that have arrived in MSFS were the Japan focussed update and the USA one from last time. World Update 4 is heading to France, and should be released late March. The sim has turned out to be a hit with over a million players on Game Pass for PC alone. It is a demanding title, not just for the processing power to drive multiple high resolution screens and VR, but also in its storage use.

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Did he just say Ireland was included too? That would be amazing if so!
Did he just say Ireland was included too? That would be amazing if so!

According to the article below, yes ROI is included but, weirdly, not NI.


Will be interesting to see what all the new POI's are. I wondered if Giant's Causeway would be one of them, but guess not in light of the above.
Have they fixed the utterly broken controls, yet?

Can't fly a Cessna without it completely nose diving, immediately after take off.
Can’t say I’ve ever noticed that issue so couldn’t really comment. Is this the Caravan, 152 or 172?
I do find that I fight with the controls a lot, and of course there are so many of them, plus the game doesn't really guide you very well.
I assume that's the whole point of a flight sim though, it's not meant to be easy. Problem I find is that I have to re-learn every time I play it, as I don't get to play it often enough :-(

I also find that VR makes the whole experience a lot easier, especially with approach and landing.