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DOSBox Pure aims to be as simple as a console emulator

by Mark Tyson on 22 December 2020, 13:11

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DOSBox Pure is a new fork of 'old PC' emulator DOSBox - built to deliver console-like ease of use. Available now, the emulator is also of note as it fits in nicely with the increasingly popular RetroArch emulator front end, as well as Libretro.

Key qualities of DOSBox Pure include the following:

  • It can launch games directly from ZIP archives
  • It can mount CD images from Zip archives
  • There is an autostart menu with startup options
  • A database on approx 20 years worth of games is present
  • It has broad controller support with auto mapping of controllers you might have as well as being able to use your mouse and keyboard
  • There is an on-screen keyboard for your convenience
  • There is a cheat menu
  • Save state support with rewind options
  • MIDI and SoundFont support is present

In addition to the above, DOSBox Pure is said to come with automated performance options with presets matching various hardware configurations and the era of the game which you are intending to play.

DOSBox Pure is available now via GitHub which also hosts some release notes you might like to browse; talking about features, usage, and other details, as well as listing upcoming but not yet implemented features. There are binaries compiled and ready for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi users if you want to download and get retro PC gaming right away.

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Ahhh Descent, I remember that from the old old days…
Looks Interesting !
Having just spent the time with an Emulation Station frontend on a Pi 3 it's a great idea.

Today was a Sega Genesis day ;)
Ah endless hours spent modifying the rules.ini file on C&C Red Alert to make the tanks fire missile attack dogs.
This looks cool, definitely going to check this out.