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New MMO to run side by side with Sci-Fi Channel series

by Steven Williamson on 9 June 2008, 09:10

Tags: MMOG

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Fantasy-based MMO from Might & Magic dev

The first massively multiplayer online game from the developer Trion World Network will co-exist alongside a Sci-fi Channel fantasy series, where events from the game will feature in the show.

The TV show, which will be presented in CGI, will be steered by the actions of the MMO gamers on a weekly basis and driving the project will be on Van Caneghem, who is best known for creating the long running RPG and strategy franchises Might and Magic and Heroes.

"This game is designed on the philosophy of putting players at the center of the game world," said Jon Van Caneghem, co-founder, President and Chief Creative Officer, Trion.

"By building an extensive event system and a server architecture that allows for dynamic change, we are creating completely new opportunities for creative game design. The game will live and change along with the players, evolving in response to their actions and the creativity of our design team."

Little is currently known about the MMO other that the fact that it is fantasy-based. However, we do know that it will feature large scale battles and will be set 100 years in the future.

The project isn't due for completion until 2010.

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Sounds an interesting concept, if it can be pulled off it might just work