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Blackstar space MMO gets the green light

by Steven Williamson on 8 May 2008, 15:00

Tags: MMOG

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Following the cancellation of the space-based MMO by NCSoft, Texas-based Spacetime Studios has now bought the IP from the company and the game will now go ahead as planned.

When NCSoft cancelled the project in January, which they had been working on for two years, there was a complete MMO engine networking infrastructure, tools suite, and next-gen rendering engine set in place. Blackstar now fully owns the rights to those materials.

The new “Blackstar Chronicles” development underway is a space fantasy combat game based on the single-player traditions of “Wing Commander” and the multiplayer feel of “Descent.” “The Blackstar Chronicles is a very powerful product,” said Jake Rodgers, art director and co-founder of Spacetime Studios. “The Blackstar universe has the potential to be something special and it’s great that we are able to bring the IP to fruition.”

We'll have more details on the new MMO as they arrive.

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Could use a new space based game since Eve went entirely PvP centric. We'll see how it turns out
You might want to look at Jumpgate:evolution then Lucio - it's nearing completion.

Its cheap, it can be coop or PvP online… you will get called a noob by 13 yr old american kids but hey-ho. GFX aren't bad but its getting on a bit now. I'm not sure if it has a global server anymore so you might have to look for IPs by a google search for servers with websites.

I have it knocking around somewhere, not played it in about a year though.
Sins of a Solar Empire is out in June. We'll be reviewing that one, hopefully this month.
Steven W;1415492
Sins of a Solar Empire is out in June. We'll be reviewing that one, hopefully this month.
Is that MMO? And I already thought that was out :embarrassed: