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Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning Collector's Edition up for pre-order

by Steven Williamson on 28 March 2008, 09:37

Tags: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, GOA, PC, RPG

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Exclusive content for 55,000 people

You may or may not have noticed that I've been away for a few days this week. Well, I've actually been working hard over in Paris,where aside from experiencing what it's like to pay £8.50 a pint, chomping my way through a variety of un-named and odd-looking meats at an evening Cocktail dinner and having French students invade my hotel room for a 'chat' and a 'water-fight' in the early hours of the morning, I also had the chance to check out EA Mythic and GOA's upcoming MMORPG, Warhammer: Online Age of Reckoning.

We will have a hand-on preview, Q&A session, screenshots and trailer up on the gaming channel shortly, but I thought I'd let you know that one of the items announced by GOA at the event was the collector's edition, which is looking like a must purchase for Warhammer fans.

The Collector's Edition will be packed with bonus in-game content and unique collectibles unavailable elsewhere, including an exclusive Games Workshop miniature. The recommended retail price is 79.90€ or £59.99 and those who pre-order the product will receive additional exclusives. Only 55,000 copies of the Collector’s Edition will be produced for Europe and the pre-order has begun!

The WAR Collector’s Edition will include:

From the Age of Reckoning to your tabletop battle! Based on original characters from the MMORPG and designed by Games Workshop specifically for the Collector’s Edition, this official Warhammer metal miniature depicts the Greenskin warboss, Grumlok, and his shaman, Gazbag, in rich detail. Feel the WAAAGH!

The forces of Order and Destruction collide under the Chaos moon! Commissioned exclusively for the Collector’s Edition, WARHAMMER ONLINE: AGE OF RECKONING PRELUDE TO WAR is a full-colour, 128-page hardcover graphic novel that sets the stage for the start of the game. Written by acclaimed Games Workshop writer Graham McNeill, the oversized book is richly illustrated by Chad Hardin, Joe Abraham, Rahsan Ekedal, Tony Parker, and Kevin Hopgood. Each of the graphic novel’s six chapters tells a unique story about the armies in the game, and together they detail the events leading up to the Age of Reckoning:

A stunning collection of the art that gave birth to the Age of Reckoning! THE ART OF WARHAMMER ONLINE is a 224-page hardcover collection of original art from the game. Each of the glossy, full-color pages showcases the talented work of our concept artists and offers a glimpse of a world in the making.

Only for European purchasers, a unique gaming mousepad will be available in the Collector’s Edition.

Wisdom is its own reward. Readers of the Librams of Insight are granted special insight into their own actions and earn experience at a higher rate for a limited time. (+10% XP modifier for 60 minutes, 3 uses, 90 minute reuse timer.)

New adventures and just rewards await players on the battlefields of WAR! Purchasers of the Collector’s Edition will begin their adventures in the Age of Reckoning with twelve (12) bonus quests awaiting them in their Tome of Knowledge. Each quest offers an exciting in-game reward, as well as a character title, to those that complete the challenges before them.

Stand out from the crowd with a look unlike anyone else! The WAR Collector’s Edition includes twelve (12) bonus heads for additional character customisation options. Each race gets a truly distinctive look (with male and female versions) that is sure to turn heads on the battlefields and be the envy of everyone in the army.

With the pre order box of the Collector's Edition, which has a recommended retail price of 9.90€ ( deductable from the full Collector's Edition retail price), players will also receive:

* Access to the open beta: be one of the first players to experience the glory of battle and the thrill of WAR!
* A live game headstart: begin your adventures in the Age of Reckoning before the raw recruits arrive!
* Plus exclusive bonus in game content:

In partnership with retailers and e-merchants, all pre-order customers will receive:

Rittenbach’s Portable Camp: to rest the weary soul and heal the wounds between battles.

And either Sentinel’s amber band (retailer exclusive): to enhance the stats and cast "Touch of Earth," increasing the chance of doing additional corporeal damage with each hit. (Usable in PvE combat only.)

Or Guardians’ Iolite Band (e-merchant exclusive) : to enhance the stats and cast "Touch of Spirit," increasing the chance of doing additional spiritual damage with each hit. (Usable in PvE combat only.)

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hmmm some cool stuff in there , but also a hefty price tag. The added quests would be handy to start with and a unique head would be cool, as long as it was better than all the others :D

the rest if a bit meh though and would be easy to take or leave.
Its worth shopping around, some GAME websites may not have updated the price information yet and still list at a lower price ;)

Looks like a good bundle tbh, I've ordered now :)
Ordered my CE version when this was first announced 2 days ago, only £39.99 from Gameplay :)

But now that the game has been delayed until later in the year, is it going to get into a messy fight with the WOW expansion (if that comes out in Nov ish) Could be a major mistake for them to release too near to that.
Looks pretty sweet :D
Just some warning for people its now been revealed that is the exclusive supplier for the CE, if you purchase from anywhere else it will be canceled (and probably already has been!)

Apparently HMV are going to be the retaul store suppliers of the CE and I imagine the price will be the same (£60) for that.