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Neuroheadset, brain-controlled video gaming headset complete

by Steven Williamson on 20 February 2008, 17:31

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Brain training for real

CES 2008 Emotiv Systems, the pioneer in brain computer interface technology, has revealed the Emotiv EPOC, a neuroheadset that allows players to control gameplay with their thoughts, expressions and emotions.

The company unveiled the new device, in its final consumer form factor, during a live interactive demonstration at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The Emotiv EPOC is the first high-fidelity brain computer interface (BCI) device for the video gaming market and will be available to consumers via Emotiv’s Web site and through selected retailers in late 2008 for a recommended retail price of $299.

The neuroheadset is a lightweight, sleek and easy-to-use wireless device, featuring sensors that detect conscious thoughts, expressions and non-conscious emotions based on electrical signals around the brain. Emotiv’s technology processes these signals, enabling players to control their in-game character’s expressions or actions and influence gameplay using their thoughts, expressions and emotions.

This really freaks me out! Check out the neuro headset in all its glory at the official site

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