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Duke Nukem Forever this year! Not that old chestnut

by Steven Williamson on 7 February 2008, 10:27

Tags: Shoot 'em up

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Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2008

The criticisms and controversy that followed Duke Nukem 3D wasn't enough to stop the game's wide acceptance across the world. Though the game was based on two earlier versions entitled Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II, Duke Nukem 3D was far more advanced than the original platformers. The first person shooter contained a lot of humour, voluptuous babes, and more violence than a Saturday night out in Hull. It was this cocktail of self indulgent video gaming that has left fans begging for more over 10 years later.

The highly anticipated sequel was originally revealed at E3 in 2001, but now we can confirm - kind of - that it will be making its way to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in late 2008.

"We haven't formally announced any platforms for DNF," wrote 3D Realms President Scott Miller in an e-mail exchange. "But, of course hitting the big three makes the most sense (PC, PS3, 360)."

"We're really excited about bringing classic Duke to the 360," said Miller during an interview. "We're talking to Microsoft about getting a release slot sometime this year."

Hang on a second…Miller just said they’re talking to Microsoft, he hasn’t said it’s a definite this year!

Does anyone actually care about this game anymore anyhow?

Source :: Biz Journals

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Duke who…?
Duke who…?

ask your grandad!
I asked him but all he said was that “it's time kick ass and chew bubblegum” and that “he was all out of gum”… I dunno?

You should have heard what he said when the lavvy was engaged!
sounds familiar - mine just sat there in his old rocking chair, replying to every sentence saying “Those alien b@stards are gonna pay for shootin up my riiiiide!”
or just randomly spouting “BALLS OF STEEL!!” i just hope to one day appreciate it like he did, God rest him

Weapon raised?… ;)