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The Steam Lunar New Year Sale returns in Feb, says Steam DB

by Mark Tyson on 25 January 2018, 11:01

Tags: Valve

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PC gamers are rather fond of Steam sales events and luckily they crop up relatively frequently. The Steam Winter Sale only just closed its virtual doors but it looks like we will only have to wait a few more days before another sale event is upon us.

The Steam Database Twitter account has provided advance ‘warning’ of a new Steam Sale event in Feb. The source claims that Valve is readying a Lunar New Year Sale and that it will run from 15th to 19th February. PCGamer notes that there have been previous Lunar New Year sales but there was no such event in 2017. We don’t know why the Year of the Fire Rooster would be discriminated against in this way, but the Year of the Dog will get its sales treats.

The upcoming Steam Lunar New Year Sale is rather short at just five days, running from a Thursday to a Monday. At least it encompasses a weekend, where Steam usage, and most people’s spare time, is at its height.

Steam Developer Streaming pilot

On the topic of all-things-Steam, HardOCP reports that various developers have been testing out a feature allowing them to host live streams on their game pages. Steam Developer Streaming is said to be a pilot feature only used so far on a handful of pages.

An example witnessed by HardOCP streamed the developers of The Red Strings Club, playing their game, and chatting to viewers, while getting drunk. The game is a cyberpunk narrative which has received many very positive reviews. At the time or writing the live streaming had closed. There doesn’t seem to be a way to search live developer streams on game pages so it is likely you will only catch one if you are a regular visitor to Steam community pages and see advanced notice.

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I hope oculus do something similar, I missed all the sales this winter thanks to about 5 months of constant large and unexpected bills :(
Any excuse for a Steam sale…
It's getting like South Africans and having a braai!!