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Star Citizen Alpha 3 teaser video shows moon landings

by Mark Tyson on 24 July 2017, 11:01

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Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has published a teaser video for Star Citizen Alpha 3. Many fans are eagerly awaiting Alpha 3.0 and it is due for release late in August. However PCGamer recently got a test run on this significant build at Cloud Imperium Games' Los Angeles studio, and have some further interesting details.

Above you can view the 'sizzle reel' for Star Citizen Alpha 3. In summary, the video shows some attractive new features of the game planned for Alpha 3; moon landings are possible, and there's the Nox hover speeder to ride, planetary rovers to drive, and outposts to discover.

In the PCGamer play tests on this unreleased version we get to see further insight into changes on the way. At the CIG offices the reporter competed his first ever moon landing - on the moon of Daymar. Apparently this feat made him feel "like I'm a genuine (virtual) astronaut now". The transition from space station, flying into space, making a quantum jump to the Daymar, entering the atmosphere, and landing were said to be "seamless".

A very welcome play mechanic tweak comes from the use of the mouse scroll wheel to control movement speed. This is said to make the transition from a slow walk, to a brisk one, from a jog to a sprint feel natural and intuitive.

In other recent Star Citizen news, the weekly Star Citizen 'Around the Verse' vlog discusses Kiosks and Commodities which are coming in 3.0, important for the game's dynamic economy.

Last week Chris Roberts reportedly confirmed that Star Citizen will launch with 5 to 10 star systems, an apparent reduction in scope from original launch plans.

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Lets hope it delivers a whole lot more than some FMV and cinematic vistas. Plenty of time for it to go full on #NoMansSky

Yeah, I'm being nice.. it could also get canned completely (rumblings all the way along those lines even from current/ex devs)
As someone who follows the weekly dev videos for star citizen (I'd highly recommend them if you're interested in game development) this is quite right:
Last week Chris Roberts reportedly confirmed that Star Citizen will launch with 5 to 10 star systems, an apparent reduction in scope from original launch plans.

Its an MMO - it will never have a ‘launch’ - Its just going to grow and grow - The full universe will still go ahead - Check out the star map if you've not seen it - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/starmap

Also worth pointing out 3.0 is just containing moons around a gas giant. 3.1 should have the first full planet.
# Star Citizen kickstarter
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# Get bored of Elite
# Finally see Star Citizen get released

Possibly with a grow old in there somewhere.

So glad I went with Elite over backing SC.

I like this infographic:

I want to believe that it'll be released one day. I want to believe it'll be released with the depth and scope that we were lead to believe at the start. I want to believe it won't be full of microtransactions and DLC to support the development of the rest of the game post-go-live. I want to believe I won't be long dead by the time of launch.
This game is turning out to be the Daikatana off the space sim!