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Humble Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle launched

by Mark Tyson on 11 January 2017, 12:33

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The Humble Bundlers have just launched a new bargain priced one-off gaming bundle, as they are most famous for doing. Often the bundles are put together following themes, genres, developers or publishers. This time it's different, as there is no such theme per se, the only thing these games have in common are that they are all judged to be very good - which can't be bad. The name of the bundle comes from the fact that all games featured in all bundle tiers have achieved Overwhelmingly Positive ratings on the Steam Store.

Overwhelmingly Positive indeed, as a quick glance through the games list so far revealed (as per Humble tradition, more games will be added via tier 2 in a week's time) that the lowest rated game scores 95 per cent positive reviews. Let's have a gander at what's on offer…

Tier one is 'pay what you want', and for anything over a $1 sum (Steam limitation) you can grab keys for Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, Epic Battle Fantasy 4, and Pony Island.

Beat the average price (currently $6.82 (about £5.61)) and you can unlock Day of the Tentacle Remastered, DEADBOLT, and more title(s) revealed next week.

The top tier this time around is $10 (about £8.23) or more for which you will get the games VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action and N++ (NPLUSPLUS) added to your collection.

Looking through the thumbnail pictures of the games, you will note that many but not all are available for Mac and Linux, as well as Windows. Another significant portion of the games are DRM-free. If you were to buy the whole lot of these games out of bundle the Humble Bundlers suggest you might have to pay as much as $91.

As usual you can split your bundle payment between the developers, a humble tip, and the featured charity - Direct Relief.

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I want to play it
This is definitely the best bundle for a while. Pony Island is great. I can see other indie gems like Undertale joining next week since that's on a sale right now.
Pony Island is brilliant!
Can never resist a humble bundle. Must start playing them though!
Can never resist a humble bundle. Must start playing them though!

I have the same issue, even signed up for the monthly this month as it includes XCOM 2.