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Gaming PC DIY market will continue to grow in 2016

by Mark Tyson on 22 March 2016, 10:01

Tags: Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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We have seen in previous analysis of the PC market as a whole that things often look pretty grim. However, we are lucky there are more defined studies that have highlighted areas within the PC market as strong or even as thriving market segments. Gaming PCs and laptops are among those growing segments and gamer focussed PC components are also a good area for businesses to develop products. Earlier this year we saw one of the results of the increased interest in PC gaming – PC digital games revenue eclipsed mobile in year-end figures for 2015.

A new report from Taiwan's DigiTimes says that "the gaming DIY market continues to see stable growth and will enjoy strong demand in 2016". Insider supply chain sources have told the periodical that gaming PC accessories and components growth prospects look very good for 2016. At HEXUS we have observed the market moving due to these 'rich pickings' with a greater range of products for PC gamers than ever before. Furthermore we see firms breaking into attractive horizontal markets - for example Lian Li and G.SKILL have moved into PC peripherals.

The DigiTimes sources cited PC component maker Thermaltake as a good example of a firm enjoying the PC gaming popularity wave. In 2015 it enjoyed revenues up over 36 per cent year on year. Sources believe this uptrend will continue with an estimate of a further growth of 20 per cent or more for FY2016. Thermaltake is an interesting example as 80 per cent of its revenue comes from chassis, power supply and cooling module products but it is also heavily invested in eSports. Its Tt eSports products such as keyboards, mice, and headsets provide a significant contribution to its bottom line.

The best thing about optimism in the PC gaming accessories and component market is it means we will get to see even more compelling new products, aiming to get us to part with our hard earned cash, to enhance our PC-based experiences.

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Of course it will - Have you seen the Z170 Sabertooth mobo for Skylake??!!
I want three, just beacuse it looks so awesome!!
Given how the base unit appears to be holding up longer than I expected, my spending has switched to accessories that I'd normally wait for a new computer before getting. With the Cherry switches now being opened up for more people to include in products there are some nice mechanical keyboards out there now! Just got a new mouse as well.. damn you new GPU waiting period :p
Aye - I can't see any reason to upgrade the CPU et al at all.
(Sorry, couldn't resist)
Last year saw my first home build for a looong time (there was an Athlon 64 involved last time round, that's how long it's been), and I have to say it's massively easier than it used to be to self build. No more master/slave settings on hard drives, no more dip switches to fiddle with on the motherboard, it was pretty damn easy, especially given the proliferation of great YouTube videos showing me how to do some of the more involved bits.

Big picture mode in Steam makes it relatively easy to make an SFF under the telly gaming PC too :)