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Plantronics Gaming unveils RIG headset and mixer

by Mark Tyson on 23 August 2013, 12:00

Tags: Plantronics (NYSE:PLT)

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While sidling along at the Gamescom show in Cologne HEXUS has spotted an interesting new cross-platform headset made by Plantronics. The RIG is a headset aimed at helping today’s multi-screen and multi-device connected gamers “manage their digital life”. The provided RIG Mixer can be connected to both your smartphone and games console at once, for example. The rocker switch on the mixer can then simply switch between sources completely, or thanks to the independent volume sliders, re-balance the audio to match the focus of your attention.

Plantronics says the RIG headset and mixer will enable you to “Play More. Pause Less.” However it’s more than just a device which lets you keep gaming when you receive a call. Other options include the use of your own music, in the background while you game. The mixer is very flexible with its independent volume controls and rocker switch but it goes far beyond that with its EQ profiles for the audio sources.

Chuck Frizelle, head of Plantronics Gaming, describes the RIG and mixer functionality like this; “With a complete system of headset, mixer, convertible cables, and two-way access to smartphone audio and voice communication, RIG gives users the power to integrate their lives with an ultimate gaming audio experience”.

Plantronics Gaming RIG features

  • Precision stereo headset: with 40mm speaker drivers.
  • Innovative mixer: the mixer seamlessly connects the virtual world and the real world. With a punch of the paddle, take calls without pausing the game. Twin sliders enable gamers to find the perfect mix of game audio, voice chat and smartphone audio.
  • Interchangeable boom and inline mics: The noise-cancelling boom mic is removable for music, chat or gaming on the go.
  • Three EQ profiles: Pure, Intensify and Seismic.
  • Street style industrial design
  • Ultra-comfortable ear cushions and headband
  • Universal compatibility with PC/Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, smartphones and tablets

The RIG headset and mixer will be released this autumn with a suggested retail price of $129 USD, £109.99 GBP, and €129.99 EUR. Buyers can choose black or white ear-cup models to suite their particular ‘street style’.

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Or simply use bluetooth hands-free on your computer
Or line-in but no mic
Or, call the person back when your finished gaming…..I do not want to divide my attention :P
Or just play music via the PC media & use the media keys on your KB to pause, play & skip !
I actually use audio splitters to listen to music and videos on my tablet while gaming, is much easier to have an easy to use touch screen than alt tabbing and messing around with apps that waste resources. But even with the cable mess, I have no interest in the headset.

For that price, I would expect it to have 50mm drivers and look much better.
The control pod only makes some sense, but I can also see it as a hindrance.
I think it's a good idea, and I wish I'd thought of it!

To the people thinking, “I can do this on my PC, blah”: Okay but this works with anything, and having a simple crossfade wheel is a great decision - no fiddling about with relative levels, and it really couldn't be quicker than this. Feeding calls into that, automatic levelling, without you having to touch controls? I'm too cheap for that and I don't care about games so much that I won't pause them to talk with my friends, but for someone who wants those features I think it's a really good package, and a decent price. £100 is not bad at all for a dedicated mixer, a noise-cancelling mic and headphones.