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Green Throttle: your smartphone can replace your games console

by Mark Tyson on 6 December 2012, 13:00

Tags: PC, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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A new startup called Green Throttle Games (GTG) aims to turn any HDMI-equipped Android device into a games console. Santa Clara, California-based Green Throttle has announced that it has raised $6 million in funding and the backing of venture capitalists for its new idea and implementation. The company was co-founded by Charles Huang, who was also co-creator of the Guitar Hero franchise.

Green Throttle Games aims to create the next-big-thing “games console” using the Android device you already own in combination with your big-screen TV. All you then need is the company’s Bluetooth-connected Xbox 360-style controller called the Atlas and to download the Green Throttle “Arena” app. Your Android device will need to have a HDMI socket or adapter, Bluetooth and a bit of grunt for decent gaming.

Venture Beat reports that, in a statement, Huang said “We believe a large percentage of consumers will use their phones or tablets to play games on a TV, and mobile-to-TV gaming could quickly grow to surpass the console market.” He went on to say “By building a straightforward way to enjoy mobile games together with your friends, we hope to revolutionize how mobile games are played.”

Ajay Chopra, general partner at Trinity Ventures, a large backer of GTG, said “The ability to play mobile games on a big screen TV is very attractive, and Green Throttle’s leadership is well poised to bring in the kind of top quality games and industry connections that are needed to turn the Atlas controller and Green Throttle’s solution into a household name.” The other major backer, DCM, said that the advances in power of mobile devices will help them reach beyond the confines of their small screens and “massively disrupt” to living-room gaming business.

The fledgling company has developed a few of its own games and published an SDK to encourage game app development of apps that make the most of the Atlas controllers. To broaden its appeal it also intends to make an iOS-compatible platform.

GTG really does have an uphill task on its hands as there is big money looking to keep hold of the same market; from one side we have the likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft and from the other we have the other mobile gamepad accessories and even the upcoming Android console, the OUYA. Has GTG got a chance or is it just another wannabe? $6 million funding sounds great for a start-up but is spare change for the incumbent gaming market leaders.

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i think i would hedge my bets on Ouya if im honest.
Game developers are going to want a stable platform to work with, all this seems to bring to the table is a controller and an app market within an app market. Too many different phones/chips/ROMs atm which will just cause headaches so they'll have to have an ‘approved hardware’ list. Sony have been there and failed to do that…
Another platform, sure. But replace games consoles?

Unless you just want to play ‘cut the rope’ or ‘angry birds’ in low res on a bigger screen, no time soon. Despite claims of ‘console quality graphics’, they're still an order of magnitude or more off even the current gen of consoles, let alone the next gen slated for next year. FPS fans which aren't exactly a small market simply won't be satisfied by current tablet graphics.
At the speed in which the mobile market moves, compared to the huge periods of time inbetween console releases, i wouldnt have thought its long before mobile performance catches up.
You have a very limited power budget for mobile devices though, it takes longer than a few years to get equivalent performance with 1/100th the power.