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Nintendo Wii U controller gets last minute adjustments

by Mark Tyson on 20 May 2012, 21:58

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Pictures of what is apparently a new updated Wii U controller have been leaked onto the internet. The image shows a controller equipped with full size analogue control sticks rather than the 3DS style circle pads on the widely distributed images of the Wii U previously shown. The source of the image; a Twitter account of a QA tester “Matty B00sh” at TT Games, the company behind the Lego series of computer games is no longer online. The message that went with the picture was “Nintendo fanboys alert: look what we have at work! #BoysAndTheirToys”, according to the report on cnet.

old and new controllers

In the picture above you can see the “old” and “new” controllers. The older version is in the upper photo. The angles of the pictures taken above clearly show the difference in the analogue control sticks. In addition the Select (-) and Start (+) buttons have migrated from either side of the big Home button to under the XYAB pad buttons on the right of the slab. On the lower right next to the Power button a new button has appeared, it seems to be flush to the surface and unlabeled in the photo, perhaps it’s a reset button. A similar flush rounded square button is also now under the D Pad on the left.

Whereas the old Wii U controller is displaying the Wii U logo on screen only, in the above pic, the new version is actually branded Wii U on the lower left bezel suggesting it is nearer to a final design. The Wii U is going to make its debut at E3 in early June, not very far away. So we’ll be able to see a lot more of the Wii U and its controller in a couple of weeks.

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Will the Nintendo WiiTab be next generation
The controllers seem strange to me, I like that the older ones will work with the new Wii. I suspect I'll try to get my parents to trade theirs in, if possible, so it can be used to play DVDs and stream content from the internet with decent quality, something that is unfortunately lacking with the current Wii.

I hope the device is as good a price as the Wii was.
The new design has analogue sticks like the Wii nunchuck. Let's hope the console has better games than the Wii. Let's face it, 3DS games does….
What concerns me is that the controllers look rather expensive, and most Nintendo games are boring to play alone, so by the time you add 3x controllers to the price of your launch bundle it's going to be quite expensive.

I sold my Wii not long after getting it cos the games were just pants, once I'd done Mario Kart Wii there was little else left that I could be bothered with so this doesn't grab me much. Got a PC, got a Vita, still have a DS Lite…
Like others I own a Wii but it continues to gather dust. It was more of a novelty item rather than a long-term gaming solution and this controller seems to be going down a similar path. Nintendo's appeal to a wider audience obviously brought them success but for avid gamers I can't see them taking this console/accessories seriously.