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Multiple PSN accounts possible on Vita, at a price

by Steven Williamson on 9 December 2011, 15:21

Tags: Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE)

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Having multiple PSN accounts for your PlayStation 3 comes in very handy. Not only does it mean you can prevent squabbling by allowing all family members to have their own slice of gaming real estate, it's also relatively simple enough - though totally frowned upon - to set up new accounts to take advantage of content from PS Stores in other countries. Indeed, UK gamers have long been dipping into US content, which usually launches much earlier, by setting up these false accounts.

With the arrival of PlayStation Vita in February, it was expected that users would only be able to set-up one PSN account per handheld, but this week we've learnt that won't be the case, due to PSN accounts being tied into Vita's memory card. Vita uses a new proprietary flash memory card, which will launch in sizes ranging from 2GB to 16GB, and will hold your PSN content, downloaded titles and game saves. That means if you want an extra PSN account, you simply have to purchase another memory card.

The downside, of course, is that you'll have to fork out for a new memory card, which could be very lucrative for Sony. The cards haven't currently been priced, but are rumoured to cost significantly higher than existing Memory Sticks or SD cards of the same capacity. It's also believed that PlayStation Vita won't come bundled with a memory card at launch. So on top of the price you pay for the device ($299 for the 3G model, but yet to be determined in the UK) you'll also have to pay for a memory card - and perhaps multiple ones if you want separate accounts for other family members. Kerching!

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And why the hell would you want that?
wow thats smart and crazy at the same time. Hugely more expensive cards will probably put people off. Loads of money for sony though if it works
will launch in sizes ranging from 2GB to 16GB

And the picture shows a 32GB card, love it. Not constructive comment I know but I like that.
if you want to take it seriously then i guess you could say the sentence means that at launch 2GB to 16GB cards will be available and the 32GB will be released later down the line :).

As dan said, smart and crazy… if people will pay it then good on them but for me personally this has peed me off and certainly made up my mind, was tempted to get one next year but if you have to buy into ANOTHER memory card format then its a big no for me.

I guess it should be successful, look at apple selling phones and media players without expansion slots, loads of people upgrade from different capacities without much thought so im sure buying an expensive expansion card wont take to long for them to think over :D.
Sod all the arguing on extra costs.

Buy one when there are games/game you really want to play. There is always going to be a killer game you want, and that's when you buy.