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FIFA 11 Creation Centre unveiled

by Steven Williamson on 8 July 2010, 09:05

Tags: FIFA 11 (Nintendo DS), Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Sports

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EA SPORTS has unveiled a new feature for FIFA 11 called Creation Center, a tool that will allow to customize content in new ways.

Craft your own player and create the team of your dreams using a web-based application at www.easportsfootball.com . Create a player by choosing his appearance, accessories and attributes and then create an original team with a distinctive crest and kits, complete with home stadium.

Fans will be able to share their created players and teams with friends and download into their console to play online, in Tournaments and in Kick-Off matches. Created players can also be used in the Arena and Lounge Mode. In addition, fans can choose player attributes and manage their created team’s formations and tactics right from the web. Creation Center will launch when FIFA Soccer 11 is available in stores on Sept. 28 in North America and Oct. 1 in Europe and Asia.

Also new this year in is custom audio that enables fans to assign chants for every team and league. Fans can set their home club’s chants to play during player introductions, halftime, and after goals – even hearing their name echo in the stands of Old Trafford or San Siro with created chants for their Virtual Pro. Plus, fans now have the ability to play music from their hard drive in game.

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I wonder if your created team is playable in bap/club mode
Still dont see why its so hard to take a photo of your face then map it onto a character. Much easier than fiddling with features the way PSN Home does it.