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GameKlip clips a PS3 controller to your Android phone

by Mark Tyson on 7 August 2012, 12:30

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Mobile games is a growing market, people love their mobiles and a lot love gaming so it’s a winning combination. However there is only so much fun you can have with a touch screen interface. It works great for some games but not so great with others. For a start putting your hands on the screen obscures your view of the game world. In addition it’s just more natural to use a physical controller, the shapes and designs of which have evolved for decades to make the most of gaming. GameKlip decided to pair a tried and trusted industry standard controller with you Android phone. The company chose the PlayStation 3 dual shock controller.

It is really just a ‘Klip’

The guys at GameKlip make an accessory that melds your smartphone with a PS3 joypad and uses the Sixaxis Controller software from Play Store to make it work together as a unit. So GameKlip really just provide a simple accessory, nothing much more than a plastic clip, joining your smartphone to the PS3 joypad. Looking at the video demonstrations it does appear to look professional and work well.

To make the GameKlip devices a good secure fit they are made specifically for the supported phone models. This is quite important as you wouldn’t want your latest £500 mobile accidentally dropped from any height, especially as to fit the GameKlip the phone needs to be bare.

The Sixaxis software can work wirelessly with rooted phones and via wires for phones without root access. The wireless version of GameKlip is $15, the wired version is $23 including all necessary cables.

We have recently covered other Android gaming controller accessories here at HEXUS and this one does compare favourably with the Ringbow and the Nyko pads, especially if you have a PlayStation 3 controller in the house and your phone fitting is available from GameKlip (see below).

GameKlip is currently compatible with;

  • HTC One X
  • HTC Evo
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Galaxy SII
  • Galaxy SIII

Xbox pad and Android Tablet versions

GameKlip say that they are working on a version of the GameKlip hardware for Xbox 360 controllers which some people may prefer. Also in the pipeline and pictured on the company website is a version of GameKlip for tablets!

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Nice way to rip off customers. $1/€1 worth product + marketing costs + misc costs = $15 / £15. I'd rather get something off EBay that functions like this for €5 or so. Software is via Play store anyway. If they made it available for $7.99 it might go viral and make some nice profit. Pity.
Hmm, interesting timing - since I was considering getting a 2nd user 6way controller to hook up to my Transformer for some Dead Trigger “fun” (I really don't like on screen controls), after reading online that it's pretty simple to hook up via the USB dock (and after setup you can go wireless!)
GameKlip say that they are working on a version of the GameKlip hardware for Xbox 360 controllers which some people may prefer.
Is the support there for XBox controllers? I got the distinct impression that the PS3 ones were better supported in the Android world - which is a shame since I definitely prefer the XBox controller (and I've got three in the house at the moment).

Not that impressed with the idea of the GameKlip personally - but then again that's probably because I'd prefer to do that kind of gaming on my 10“ Transformer rather than a 4.8” GS3.
Interesting idea but feels a little pricey for a plastic clip with no software.

Also worth pointing out Galaxy note support is for AT&T version not the international version we have over here.
I'd be interested if it was the XBOX controller.
Can you buy this anywhere in the UK?