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Opera web browser for Wii this Friday

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Press release

Nintendo’s wildly popular Wii home video game system not only revolutionizes how people play games, but it also entices new people into the world of gaming. On Dec. 22, Nintendo and Opera Software bring the Internet to the living room couch with a free trial version of the Opera Web browser. Wii owners with a high-speed Internet connection can download a free trial Opera browser to activate the Internet Channel of the Wii Menu and begin surfing the Web.

“In addition to providing innovative and exciting new ways to play, Wii also offers further services and entertainment for all the family. This newest Wii Menu Channel is just the latest example of how we are doing this” says Nintendo of Europe Marketing Director, Laurent Fischer. “Wii is the perfect console for everyone to enjoy and this is being reflected in the phenomenal sales across Europe. ”

“Our software brings the power and reach of the Internet to the hottest video game system available,” says Scott Hedrick, Executive Vice President, Devices at Opera Software. “Wii’s unique interface adds a new dimension to our browser, making it a useful tool that the whole family will enjoy operating with ease.”

The final version of the Opera browser will be available at the end of March 2007, and will be free for all Wii owners to download through the end of June. After June 2007, the browser will be available for download in the Wii Shop Channel for 500 Wii Points.

The Internet Channel provides an optimal Web browsing experience on people’s home television. The Adobe Flash-enabled trial version of the Opera browser puts the Internet right onto owners’ television screens and lets them browse with ease, enabling them to check sports scores, plot maps or visit their favorite Web sites. Multiple family members can gather around the television to plan a holiday or make online purchases. The pointing abilities of the Wii Remote allow users to click on links they want to see or to zoom into any part of the screen through the motion of the controller. In addition, the Wii Remote can be used with an on-screen keyboard to make text entry as easy as point and click.

The Forecast Channel, provided by Weathernews which allows users to check out weather information for anywhere in the world using a 3-D globe, is available from 19th December.

The Internet Channel joins the four channels which have been available since launch: Disc Channel, Photo Channel, Mii Channel and Wii Shop Channel as well as the newly available Forecast Channel. The Internet Channel, Forecast Channel and Wii Shop Channel are available at no charge, though they require Wii owners to have a high-speed Internet connection.

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Cool I'bve been waiting for this.
So this is just a trial version? Does that mean you will have to *pay* for the full version?

Or is the whole thing free as long as you download it before June and then paid for thereafter?

As for the keyboard thing or lack thereof, have to say I am sceptical that it could be anything other than inferior to traditional pc. Anyone who has the necessary kit to get a Wii online probably has an internet pc anyway.

Have to admit that the weather forecast channel has a very nice feel to it - spinning the globe with the remote has a very nice ‘tactile’ feel to it. Apart from this it is nothing more than google earth and bbc weather channel provide, but nicely implemented nevertheless.
Well the way I read it is that:

we get to beta test the browser from this friday until March 07, at which point we can download the final version for free until June 2007 - at which point anyone who has not already downloaded it will have to pay 500points.

As for how useful it is..well you have to remember that lots of (most?) people will have their wii in their living room - where they don't have a PC. So using opera to quickly check your emails (no typing required I would guess..bookmark your inbox :) ) or a few other things could be very useful. Plus i'm getting faster and faster at text input using the remote the more that I use it..with more practice it could easily be a viable web browsing solution, although no-where near the ease of use of a PC.
Well this Wii virtual keyboard isn't the easiest thing to type with…
But just browsing from the sofa is easy enough… I suppose if you don't want to enter any data it's ok…
/me also posts using wii browser :)

not bad, dunno if i'd pay for it though.