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Nintendo's new blockbuster release, Wii Fit, is flying off the shelves, with most major retailers running out of fresh stock in a matter of minutes. But savvy shoppers searching for this virtual gym can avoid the run around thanks to real time stock alert website, (http://www.wii-consoles.co.uk), which checks supplier websites around the clock to find out when and where the latest consignment has landed.

Wii Fit is tipped to top the 2008 Christmas wish list, following in the footsteps of the original Wii console. Launched in the UK during April 08, the ‘fun and fitness’ game is already in short supply, with stock shortages likely to roll into the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Users of Wii-consoles.co.uk can find out where the game is in stock and which suppliers are offering the best deals and discounts for consoles, games and bundled packages. The site scans the big suppliers every 60 seconds to secure the most up-to-date information about availability. If stock has arrived in a shop within the last minute, online users are alerted with a pop-up message, or can opt to be notified by email.

Darren Mckillop, Wii-consoles.co.uk webmaster, says: “Games pundits are predicting that  Wii Fit will sell out of many stores by September. With the console tipped to be this year's ‘must have’ Christmas present for thousands of families, stock scarcity will result in stressed-out shoppers and pressured parents desperate not to disappoint their children.

“Our stock location service searches all the big suppliers – from online gaming retailers to high street giants such as HMV and Tesco. And a stock history feature for each supplier helps users understand trends and release times, giving them the best chance of tracking down Wii Fit in time for the festive season.”

The website is also packed with handy hints to help shoppers beat the rush and put themselves at the front of the queue when stock becomes available, such as pre-registering on retailers’ sites and searching first thing in the morning when batches of stock are released.

Wii Fit is a Nintendo game that comes bundled with the Wii Balance Board – a board about the size of a pair of bathroom scales that connects wirelessly to a Wii console. Players step on the board and Wii Fit calculates their body mass index and Wii Fit ‘age’ – or level of fitness – with some basic balance exercises. They can choose from more than 40 strength training, aerobic, balance and yoga activities – from slalom skiing and football to press-ups and warrior poses – all guided by an on-screen instructor.

Wii Fit retails at around £70, including the Wii Balance Board which is also suitable for a number of other Wii games such as Family Ski and EA Skate.

Darren Mckillop concludes: “Wii Fit is far more than just another game – it’s a virtual workout that will get British couch potatoes off the sofa and into shape!”