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An alternative to Wii Fit on Nintendo's console?

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Press release

STANDING around waiting for Wii Fit won't make you healthy but the new Wii Power Stepper from Gamercize can, with an undisputed cardiovascular workout for your Wii.

There is no shortage of games available for the Gamercize Power Stepper either, as it interacts with favourites from Wii Virtual Console to the latest Mario Kart Wii release.  A stylish white controller, which plugs into the port on the top of the Wii console, is also included with the stepper so you can get started right out of the box.  Gamercize lets you choose the game that's most fun for you, giving unrivalled freedom and personal choice in active gaming.  All types are supported from fantasy games to sports blockbusters adding exercise into every game and making exergaming accessible to all.

Using the power of console gaming to distract from the effort of working out, your exercising feels effortless.  The heart of the system that makes it all possible is the Gamercize GZ Pro-Sport; it keeps the game controller connected to the games with your workout and prompts you for more exercise if you stop.

The exercise effort is displayed at a glance with progressive lights for each of the five levels of the GZ Pro-Sport.  The harder you work out the higher level you will achieve, all the time leaving the control of the game in the hands of the player.

Try playing online to pile on the motivation and increase the challenge while burning the calories for fitness or weight loss.  Stepping up to a 650 calories per hour workout gives the potential weight loss of 10 lbs for every game completed, which is a great excuse to buy more games.  Advanced users can set the Gamercize to its highest level for the most intense workout.  But rest assured the GZ Pro-Sport can be turned off, when you've done enough, so you can get to the next save point without the need to exercise.

Proven six times more popular than exercise alone the sustainable workouts can be recorded, with the optional GZ Personal Trainer, which calculates body fat percentage, BMI and suggested calorie targets.  The GZ Personal Trainer shows easy to understand health indicators and is already being used to support Gamercize products which encompass PS2, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Successfully used in public gyms and schools in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada, the active gaming benefits of Gamercize can be taken into the comfort of your own home and shared will all the family today.

Gamercize spokesperson, Samantha Wallbanks, said: "We have a great record in delivering fitness because Gamercize is based on genuine exercise equipment, and the only limit to the results is the fun the player can get from the console.

The Wii is very exciting and a great deal of fun so we're expecting Nintendo gamers to get a huge amount of benefit from the Wii version of the Power Stepper."