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Wii's Popcorn Arcade and the Orbs of Doom

Tags: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo (TYO:7974), Wii

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Press release

Stourbridge, England – December 13, 2007 – Video games publisher and games developer Data Design Interactive are pleased to announce that its Nintendo Wii development team, working on the popular ‘Popcorn Arcade’ label, have had another game gain Nintendo approval. ‘Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom’ is the 13th title available from Popcorn Arcade and will ship this fall.

Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom

The evil sinister Rebus has trapped the Myth Makers in the Orbs of Doom; you must complete his mind boggling challenges in order to save them. This quest will test your skill, tax your mind and your nerve as you balance your way through a mixture of twisty bends, narrow ledges and peculiar obstacles. Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom provides madcap fun using a tilt control method, designed to fit the gestures and hand motions of the Wii Remote.
  • 8 magical Myth Makers characters to choose from.
  • Over 40 amazing brain busting levels set across 5 lavish environments!
  • Try setting new records by racing against the clock and explore the other exciting modes of play.
  • Knock the other competitors off the track in the exciting multi-player mode allowing you to play with up to 4 opponents simultaneously.