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Supremacy On The Streets For Konami

Tags: Konami (TYO:9766), Sports

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Racing - street style

Konami of Europe has announced it is to launch Street Supremacy, a multi-player racing game, specifically developed by Genki for PSP(PlayStationPortable).

Due for release in March 2006, Street Supremacy is a high-octane racing title featuring a wealth of licensed vehicles. The game is a team-based racer wherein players partake in 'five against five' knockout tournaments in one player mode or can use the PSP's wireless abilities to compete against a second player. In the two-player mode, players select a vehicle and race against the second player in a battle to be first past the winning post. The game's 'Team Battle' mode, however, ups the ante considerably and sets a fiercely competitive challenge.

Street Supremacy's 'Team Battle' mode divides the game map into 15 areas, with teams vying to dominate the game map. The battles are further split into individual races between the different Teams and individual racers, with points awarded for each victory. Players can then judge who to select against specific rivals, cherry-picking their rivals from the player roster as they look to seize territories. The 'Team Battle' also encourages competition within each team, as winning racers are upgraded in their side's rankings and become more instrumental in helping secure areas of the game map.

In addition to Street Supremacy's stunning racing action, the PSP game's cars can also be modified to give you an edge in the races. The game's authentically modelled Nissans, Mitsubishis and Subarus can all be enhanced with new exhausts, engine upgrades and body kits. These all prove vital in shaving seconds off the lap times, while stickers and fancy lights can be used to enhance the car's aesthetics, adding a layer of gloss to an already entertaining PSP racer.

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