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Empire of Sports first to introduce online 11 a side football

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Multiplayer football (soccer) will be the first extension of the ‘Empire of Sports’ platform in early 2008

Zug, Switzerland, 2 October 2007 – Empire of Sports Ltd. is announcing that multiplayer football (soccer) will be the first extension to be added to the ‘Empire of Sports’ online PC platform in early 2008. For the first time it will be possible to play over the internet in full teams of 11 virtual footballers controlled by 11 different real people against other teams of real people.

Besides football, ‘Empire of Sports’ – the first ever virtual World of Sports – will be featuring multiplayer basketball, tennis, skiing, bobsleigh, athletics and virtual gymnasium, all of which will be available at launch later this year.

“We are thrilled to make this revolutionary football sensation available to our players” says Christian Müller, Managing Directorof Empire of Sports Ltd. “Football has a very special appeal to sports fans around the world, and finally it is possible toexperience the top level action and tactics of ‘the beautiful game’ as an individual player in a team. Of course we will stay true

to the ‘Empire of Sports’ philosophy, and offer an attractive football environment with a challenging development path forgamers to level their avatar, master game play and learn about football tactics.”

“We are extremely pleased with the development of football” says Alexis Galley, CEO of developer F4. “We have gained

valuable experience with lag and gameplay management from the development of the other multiplayer sports – especially basketball – and I’m personally overwhelmed by the overall impression of our football game.

We are proud to be the first developer to have created real football that happens to be played on a PC.” Seamless integration capturing the most intense football atmosphere

Football will be seamlessly integrated into the ‘Empire of Sports’ universe. Previously established and trained avatars will naturally profit from performances in other sports, as their virtual bodies will already be conditioned for optimal football training and playing.

As for all disciplines in ‘Empire of Sports’, competitions and events will play a central role in creating an intense and authentic football atmosphere. To cater for various play styles, teams from 3 to 11 players a side will be possible. Tools will be available for gamers to quickly find team mates, opponents for gripping matches or friends to create a new aspiring club.

Football game play with the advanced MACS controls

“One of the most crucial elements in sports games is controls, and we are simply stunned how well our revolutionary MACS

(Move/Aim/Charge/Shoot) controls work for football” continues Christian Müller. “The consistent use of both keyboard and mouse throughout the whole ‘Empire of Sports’ universe will allow newcomers and experienced players alike to instantly immerse themselves in gripping multiplayer action.”

Football beta for first users of ‘Empire of Sports’ The initial users of ‘Empire of Sports’ will be the pool from which football testers are drawn. “Our first users are naturally the most appropriate testers for football” says Nic van ‘t Schip, Head of Community Operations for ‘Empire of Sports’. “We will choose our football beta testers based entirely on their involvement in ‘Empire of Sports’. And we will do our best to start football testing this year, so that this exclusive group of people can indulge in the entire ‘Empire of Sports’ experience as soon as possible.”

Additional information will be provided in due time on www.empireofsports.com.

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