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Quake 3 Fortress Extreme available for free

Tags: Shoot 'em up

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Press release

Planet TFX have announced that a full free download of Quake 3 Fortress Extreme can be found via File Front;6365595;;/fileinfo.html

There are 2 servers available to play Quake 3 Fortress Extreme:

#Plusnet Q3FX -
Slashquit Q3FX -

About Planet TFX

Our mission is to provide a great website and discussion forums for a very large community of gamers that prefer the "Fortress" games that have been with us since the early years of Team Fortress Classic and Quake World Team Fortress all the way up to the next generation which happens to be upon us very soon with Team Fortress 2, Fortress Forever, Quake 4 Fortress, and more!

Newer versions of older games is a delight for older gamers who remember the spawn of "Fortress" and "Class-based-Team-play" games. This opens up new prospects for a large generation of younger gamers who are ready to play anything new! These players will eventually want to learn and try some of the older "Fortress" games that are still played to this day.

As these "Fortress" games developed through the early years, certain aspects of gameplay were changed with the introduction of "Bunnyhopping", "Conc-Jumping", "Rocket-Jumping", and other tweaks in the game that split the community. Some players enjoy the fast-paced action of QWTF, Q3F, and ETF while others feel that some of those tweaks cause an imbalance in the original idea of "Team Fortress" and play the original versions of the game. Either way, we are still a unique community of gamers!

The coming years in "PC Gaming" may reveal an un-announced revival of the team-play we all used to love and will love again!

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If this has a good community I may just get playing Q3 again :)
Excellent! Thanks for the heads up! :)
ill give it a go tonight
oh wow, I clicked the ‘download now’ link and it actually did start downloading, I was expecting to have to choose which town I wanted to download the game from ;)

Free stuff is always good, so ta for the link