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GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game to hit Europe

Tags: Atari (EPA:ATA), Racing

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Press release

Atari and 10tacle studios today announced an agreement for Atari to distribute the eagerly awaited Windows racing game ‘GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game’ throughout Europe. GTR 2 is the follow up to the globally acclaimed FIA GT game GTR, which set the standard as one of the best racing games ever for PC. Widely applauded for its advanced realism and challenging gameplay, GTR wowed players and won audiences as it set the foundations for the competition to follow. Coming up fast in the slip stream of its predecessor, GTR 2 is set to overtake and claim a convincing lead following its release in September 2006.

Featuring a staggering 140+ accurately and detailed car models from two full FIA GT seasons GTR 2 brings a higher level of detail than ever seen before: cars will scuff, dent and break to an absurdly high level of accuracy, slight twists to the chassis will alter the handling and players will even be able to see the brake discs visibly change colour as they get hotter beneath the rims. Players looking to improve their skills will be happy to hear that GTR 2 features a driving school where amongst others; lessons are given on cornering, braking and overtaking techniques for players in their quest to become the ultimate GT racer.

“We are extremely pleased with the critical and commercial successes of the original GTR, with the strong relationship we have with the first-rate 10tacle studios and with the way that GTR 2 is gearing up”, said Cyril Voiron, Marketing Director, Atari Europe. “GTR 2 is a superb follow up to an incredible game. The level of realism in terms of looks and physics sets the bar at an all time high for PC racing games and with its genuinely challenging gameplay players can expect a real tour de force”

10tacle studios and developer SimBin have used every trick in the book to ensure that the attention to detail in GTR 2 is placed convincingly on the winners’ podium. Players will discover a highly detailed damage system, affecting every part of the car with bone shattering collisions flinging debris everywhere. An unsurpassed physics engine provides realistic feedback and convincing handling, whilst the specular-reflective wet roads, real time ambient lighting and atmospheric effects all give a driving experience so true that players’ will be hard pressed to tell it from the real thing.

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I already knew that because their PR manager told us at the Test Drive thing :)
I already knew that because their PR manager told us at the Test Drive thing :)

Really? Damn should have told us, would have been an exclusive, although not particularly exciting.