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Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne: Gracia - The Perils of Kamaloka

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New Lineage II expansion - Gracia

NCsoft Europe presents an in-depth feature of how, in the upcoming Lineage II expansion, Gracia, brave groups of two-to-six adventurers can venture into Kamaloka, an instance zone representing a hellish dream world reality.

Numerous and mysterious disasters suddenly befell the peoples of Aden: whole fields of healthy crops blighted overnight, unknown plagues laid waste to entire villages, and the weather itself became strange and unpredictable. Doomsayers, once deemed insane, took on a fresh and terrifying confidence. The sages sought to reassure the people, but their words lacked conviction—they too had gazed into their crystal globes and read the cards, and they too felt foreboding deep in their bones.

The land’s adventurers and other citizens had been encountering strange dreams, where they fought against endless hordes of shadowy enemies until overwhelmed. Some would wake up with headaches or wounds; some wouldn’t wake up at all. The sages determined that the increasing tales of a dream world and the tales of prophecies had to be connected. They studied the bodies of the dream-killed and listened to the tales of the survivors.

In a tremendous undertaking, the sages’ efforts finally bore fruit as the symptoms of the crisis revealed their true nature one by one. The deadly dreamland was, they determined, a realm created by the power of darkness. The sages named it “Kamaloka,” the place between the world and Hell. It was an apt name—the monsters encountered there, the Kaneus, were the stuff of nightmares.

In the upcoming Lineage II expansion, Gracia, brave groups of two to six adventurers can venture into Kamaloka, an instance zone located “between heaven and hell.” Party leaders can talk to Guard Captains in various villages throughout the land—the level of the instance created depends on which village you go to. For instance, a fairly low level Kamaloka instance is created for the party if you talk to the Guard Captain in Gludio, but the highest level instance possible if you talk to the Guard Captain at Rune Castle. All characters in the party must be within five levels of the level of the instance created. Parties can only complete one successful foray into Kamaloka per day (should they get wiped out they can re-enter).

Kamaloka is very much a raid instance; the party will have to face one raid monster as well as up to nine other subordinate creatures. Exactly which Kaneus monsters you will face depends on the level of the instance; the raid monsters range from the flame strike-capable Blade Otis to the disarming Kaim Abigore or powerful, ice bolt-wielding White Allosce. A party will only have twenty minutes to defeat the Kaneus within; if they succeed, they’ll receive a number of useful rewards that’s well worth their while.

We’ve built Kamaloka as a universally-accessible fun instance that nearly all Lineage II players can make use of, from levels 18 on up. They can experience multiple iterations of Kamaloka as they progress in levels, which shouldn’t take too long given Gracia’s newly-implemented fast and furious leveling. It’s very easy to get to, doesn’t require any special items, quests or a continent-wide NPC approval level; you just need a small group of people to get access. That’s it. We hope to see you enjoying Kamaloka soon!