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Thrustmaster Y-350X 7.1 Powered Headset – DOOM Edition: The Power to Unleash Brutality

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London, April 14, 2016 – Thrustmaster has created the ultimate detection weapon. A brand-new headset just issued by Thrustmaster’s R&D teams, the Y-350X is a technological powerhouse allowing users to quench their thirst for mass destruction. Officially licensed for both Xbox One and Windows, the Y-350X has met the challenge of harnessing the advantages of spatialized 7.1 virtual sound with no compromises in terms of power, thanks to the Y Power Pack – and ensures pinpoint precision, with the Y Sound Commander. More than just a headset, it’s a complete arsenal for relentless combat!

Arsenal #1: Y-350X

The Y-350X uses all of Thrustmaster’s R&D expertise to demonstrate its perfect mastery of audio technology, and meet the challenges that this degree of power gives rise to.

The incorporation of ultra-large 60 mm drivers – the most powerful to date in the world of console gaming – combined with boosted bass allows gamers to experience the full intensity of combat. The earpieces’ large design provides bass depth and power unmatched at this price point.

Since there’s no respite to be found for true gamers, total comfort and sound isolation are ensured thanks to the memory foam used in the ear pads

Thrustmaster has selected AM3D technology as a key ally in this battle, allowing for 7.1 virtual sound on a level that’s rarely been heard until now.

When it all comes down to talent and tactical organization, knowing the terrain is essential in terms of detecting where opponents are coming from: it’s a question of survival. 7.1 sound lets you know exactly where everything is, so that you can plan your movements accordingly.

Thrustmaster has worked on the headset’s frequency response range, adjusting and optimizing it in an anechoic chamber. The goal was to let users experience a gaming environment with incredibly vivid bass response, while at the same time allowing them to understand this hostile world by way of details that only the Y-350X’s 7.1 sound spatialization, audio power and perfectly-calibrated medium and treble frequencies can provide – thereby enhancing gamers’ precision and agility. 

Ready for multiplayer mode: the headset’s microphone is unidirectional, detachable and adjustable. It has been designed to target only the user’s voice, guaranteeing optimized, high-performance communication. In conjunction with the Y Sound Commander, all elements can be adjusted for incredible real-time precision with respect to in-game sounds and chatting. 

The Y-350X features extended compatibility: Xbox One and Windows.

Arsenal #2 (combined): Y SOUND COMMANDER

The key advantage for survival. Used with Xbox One Wireless Controller, Y Sound Commander is an audio control base which manages virtual 7.1 sound (enabled/disabled) and all volume, bass and chat level settings – right at your fingertips while using the controller. A unique feature in its category: it includes backlit real-time indicators for instant status overviews, allowing gamers to make quick adjustments and stay agile: volume / bass / chat and volume balance.

This arsenal is also equipped with a built-in sound card, so that gamers can manage all of this power without any interference. 

Arsenal #3 (combined): Y POWER PACK

There can’t be any pauses – and that goes for your weapons too. The Y Power Pack has been designed with this in mind: it provides its own power source, so that you don’t run down your gamepad’s battery. With the Y Power Pack, the Y-350X headset is self-powered – for truly epic, extended battle sessions.

The Y Power Pack even lets gamersplay and charge the headset at the same time: now there are no excuses for not keeping the fight going…

  • The Y-350X will be available from May 13, 2016, at a suggested retail price of €149.99 (taxes included).
  • To complete the range, a special DOOM edition of the best seller Y-300CPX, a universal gaming headset, will also be available from May the 13th at the suggested retail price of 59.99€ (taxes included). 

* Works with Xbox One Wireless Controller (sold separately).

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