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New Mionix ALIOTH mouse pad excels in extreme durability and unique comfort

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Malmö, Sweden – February 25, 2016 – Mionix today announced the ALIOTH cloth gaming mousepad which marks the next step in paving the way for their new generation products launching later this year.

The ALIOTH line is crafted with super-smooth sewed edges providing extra comfort for the lower arm when moving it across the pad rims and preventing the sides from fraying. In combination with a water repellent and easy to clean surface the ALIOTH promises extreme durability.

Available sizes of the ALIOTH range from Medium, suitable for most gaming desktops, to the humongous, all size conventions-breaking ALIOTH XXLarge for full desktop cover. It lets users place keyboard and mouse at the same height to reduce joint fatigue and prevent wrist pain.

The ALIOTH is made of a special woven cloth microfiber matrix that minimizes data loss and improves tracking performance for both, optical and laser gaming sensors. The bottom consists of a natural rubber base with a non-slip grip that lets the ALIOTH sit on the desk steady as a rock.

The outstanding balance between speed and friction, combined with sewed edges and a water repellent surface make the ALIOTH a long lasting companion and a pleasure to use with every mouse swipe.

The complete Mionix ALIOTH gaming mouse pad range is now available from the Mionix Webstore and from retailers worldwide.



Dimensions (in)

US$ Price

Dimensions (cm)

Euro Price


14.57 x 0.12 x 12.60


37 x 0.3 x 32



18.11 x 0.12 x 15.75


46 x 0.3 x 40



35.43 x 0.12 x 15.75


90 x 0.3 x 40



47.24 x 0.12 x 19.69


120 x 0.3 x 50



About Mionix

Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Mionix' mission is to craft gaming products that define our time.

By always challenging the limits of hardware as well as software, Mionix is breaking down the barriers between users and the optimal desktop experience. The Swedish character deeply ingrained, Mionix diligently strives for perfection in performance, quality and design. This is what it is called the Mionix Craftsmanship. www.MIONIX.net