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Announcing The Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Servo Base For Xbox One and PC

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Cologne, August 5, 2015 —Thrustmaster is releasing the TX Servo Base Racing Wheel, a standalone version of the official wheel base for Xbox One of its acclaimed TX Racing Wheel. PC and Xbox One racers can now build their own, preferred racing setup, within the Thrustmaster racing ecosystem.

Designed to go as far as gamers want – and even further:

The TX Servo Base, released under the official Xbox One license and PC compatible (Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10, via the Thrustmaster drivers available for download from the http://ts.thrustmaster.com/website), is the cornerstone of a racing simulator that every player can configure according to their requirements on both platforms. It revolves around an industrial-class brushless motor that delivers smooth and seamless Force Feedback effects that are both reactive and latency-free. The rotation angle is adjustable up to 900 degrees. The drive mechanism features a dual-belt system that provides realistic, smooth and vibration-free driving sensations by reducing mechanical constraints as much as possible; the only audible noise is produced by the motor itself, not by cogs. At the very heart of this machine, H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology™* delivers extreme precision, thanks to its contactless magnetic sensors! This technology offers precision that won’t decrease over time, with 16-bit resolution (i.e. 65,536 values throughout the steering axis). To ensure that this unit always delivers maximum performance, its firmware can be updated by using built-in internal memory.

The core of a customized configuration:

The TX Servo Base Racing Wheel is fully ecosystem-ready: players can select add-ons to create the ultimate racing wheel. A pedal set, such as the T3PA or T3PA-PRO three-pedal pedal set by Thrustmaster, will be required to experience the thrills of ultra-realistic racing sensations. Since a clutch pedal is designed to enable lightning-speed manual gear shifts, users can of course complete the TX Servo Base Racing Wheel with a gearbox, such as the TH8A. Lastly, to hone their equipment's configuration according to their racing preference and the type of car and competition, users can opt for any of the currently available Thrustmaster wheels: the TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On, the Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On, the Ferrari GTE Wheel Add-On and the forthcoming 599XX EVO 30 Wheel Add-On Alcantara Edition! 

The TX Servo Base Racing Wheel comprises a wheel base, an attachment system and a power cable suited to the geographical area.

  • The TX Servo Base Racing Wheel will be available in August, at the suggested retail price of €279.99 (taxes included).

*U.S. Patent No. 8,920,240 

Check out all of our products at www.thrustmaster.com. 


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