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Tt eSPORTS at the CES 2014 – Leading the way for gaming gear

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Las Vegas, USA - January 6, 2014 - In CES 2014, Tt eSPORTS is geared to release a whole new arsenal of products, making extreme advancements forward in stylish design and functionality in both new products and updates to legacy products in the keyboard, mouse, headset, and accessories fronts.

Forward thinking, innovation in lifestyle

Tt eSPORTS is committed to pushing the envelope for future of gaming. Tt eSPORTS strives for continuous innovation- from creating many of the world's firsts such as a retail store dedicated only to e-Sports gaming peripherals, gaming mice & keyboards with a detachable cooling fan, etc.., and our newest world's first with the 5 year warranty on a mechanical gaming keyboard in the POSEIDON Z Illuminated. In the POSEIDON Z Illuminated series, we aim to offer a full-featured yet budget friendly fully back-lit mechanical keyboard for gamers - especially first time mechanical keyboard users.

Also noticing the trend in increased smartphone use and technology development, the Tt eSPORTS SYBARIS -the world's first Bluetooth headset with a swappable external microphone- aims to be the headset to bridge the gap for PC and mobile gaming. With the games on the mobile platforms offering never before seen levels of graphics and screen sizes toppling 5", the SYBARIS is the perfect companion to take multiplayer gaming on the mobile platform to the next level with its Bluetooth and NFC capability. Especially in mobile FPS games, where it's hard to hear spatial audio positional cues from just a phone's speaker, the SYBARIS wired & wireless hybrid gaming headset will give the wearer that extra edge needed to perform their best. Not only that, most of Tt eSPORTS new headsets all come with removable cables with both PC gaming cables and mobile-ready cables. For the more stylish, aesthetic concerned gamer, the new stylized aluminum fused products in the Level 10 M HYBRID mouse, DRACONEM mouse pad, and Level 10 M Headset offer great aluminum styling and durability without any sacrifice in ergonomics or comfort. Tt eSPORTS comes ready at CES 2014 to lead the way in gaming peripherals, to provide the perfect user experience in gaming peripherals. 

Please visit our event site for further information: http://ces2014.thermaltake.com/

Keyboard: POSEIDON Z Illuminated, stylish brushed aluminum BALMUS keyboard, and convenient tenkeyless form factored POSEIDON X

Mouse: the new Level 10 M Hybrid mouse, the ambidextrous VENTUS, and a refresh of the popular BLACK mouse in the Onyx & Snow Editions.

Headset: CRONOS family will be on display with two new additions in the CRONOS GO and CRONOS AD, the Level 10 M Headset in multiple colorways, bold styled VERTO, and the innovative SYBARIS hybrid wired/wireless headset run the gamut from offering gaming to lifestyle audio experience.

Accessories: the aluminum DRACONEM mouse pad, and Battle Dragon bagDota2 super-team Team DK Collection : unveiled to the public for the first time, with DK editions of the CRONOS headset, KNUCKER keyboard, SAPHIRA mouse, and PYRRHUS mouse pad.


Tt eSPORTS will be pushing a wide variety of keyboards at CES 2014. Starting with the POSEIDON Z Illuminated series, which offer users an extremely budget friendly fully back-lit mechanical keyboards in a blue switch option- featuring brightness adjustment, anti-ghosting keys, media keys, and the ability to disable the windows key. These are special mechanical switches chosen by Tt eSPORTS after an arduous selection process of two years; which were ultimately chosen upon by our professional gamers such as White-Ra and Team DK for their great feel as well as our engineers for their reliable build quality - so much so that Tt eSPORTS is now offering the world's first 5 year warranty for a mechanical gaming keyboard. The BALMUS keyboard offers a fully back-lit mechanical keyboard in a very sleek brushed aluminum styling. Featuring brightness adjustment in 5 different levels of brightness as well as pulse lighting, ability to disable the windows key, 10 macro keys and 5 profiles paired with the Instant Switch System for convenient toggling between profiles. The POSEIDON X tenkeyless form factor mechanical keyboard saves users desktop space and comes with all the same features of our POSEIDON keyboards in Cherry MX switch varieties.


The award winning Level 10 M Mouse, done in collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA, comes back with a new refresh in the Level 10 M Hybrid Mouse. The Level 10 M Hybrid Mouse and comes with all the features of the first M mouse (3D axis steering movement on body, aluminum base, air-through ventilation, macro keys and customizable profiles) and this time adds new hybrid functionality of running both wired and wirelessly via 5.8G wireless technology, as well as a new body with improved ergonomic design. The VENTUS mouse is an ambidextrous gaming mouse that feels great for both left and right handers. The BLACK gaming mouse gets an update in the BLACK Onyx and BLACK Snow Edition, featuring a new Avago laser sensor with up to 5700 DPI and a new glossy surface body.


The newest on the market collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA, the Level 10 M Headset will be on display at CES in Diamond Black, Iron White, and Blazing Red options. The highly popular CRONOS series of headsets will be joined by its two new siblings which both feature a retractable microphone in the CRONOS AD with auto adjusting headband and the CRONOS GO, a smaller more portable version of the CRONOS. The SYBARIS wired/wireless hybrid headset, the world's first Bluetooth enabled headset with a swappable external microphone, will be on hand at CES to let attendees experience it in both wired and wireless modes. The new VERTO headset featuring a bold geometric figure and auto adjustable headset will make its first appearance.


Coming strong on all fronts, Tt eSPORTS has more to show in the accessories area too. The DRACONEM aluminum mouse pad, forged for the toughest of battles, offers two gaming surfaces to match whatever needs the gamer has. The new Headset Adapter allows for headsets ending in 2x 3.5mm cables to be used with a mobile device. The Battle Dragon Bag with its large capacity is the perfect tool to stow all your gear and take it with you, it's the choice bag for many professional gamers.

Team DK collaboration series

The recently signed, world famous Dota2 super team, Team DK is the newest team to the Tt eSPORTS family. Given our love fervor for eSports and gaming in general, of course we'd celebrate it by collaborating with Team DK to release a full lineup of gaming peripherals.  The first in the series is the Team DK KNUCKER keyboard, a plunger gaming keyboard. Next up is Team DK CRONOS with an additional bit of gaming flair with its modified DK styling, giving you the same great audio the Chinese Dota2 super team relies on when competing. The Team DK SAPHIRA mouse offers gamers the same great world class gaming mouse precision that DK lives by. The Team DK PYRRHUS mouse pad offers the gamers the great DK styling and gaming feel.

Tt eSPORTS official website: www.ttesports.com

Tt eSPORTS Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/TteSPORTS

For further information about Thermaltake Technology, please visit www.thermaltake.com/default.htm, or contact our customer support at 0800-266-818.

About "Tt eSPORTS"

Thermaltake is a well known brand for gaming & DIY in Case, Cooler, and PSU for years. Due to the constant requests for keyboards and mice from gamers and end users, Thermaltake decided to create a series of gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets with the Tt eSPORTS brand. By using Tt eSPORTS, we want to extend our product lines into the gaming industry, and provide more "personalized gaming" gears to gamers and enthusiasts worldwide. With years of experience in gaming industry, Tt eSPORTS is committed to bring the most personalized and the highest quality weapons for the most competitive cyber battles, and advances with the idea of products designed by gamers for gamers. Official website : www.ttesports.com.