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Thrustmaster Wireless Gaming Headsets: Experience the Powerful and Expanding Range of Products

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Los Angeles, June 12, 2013 - After entry into the gaming headsets market, Thrustmaster is now expanding its range by offering two supercharged (and super-equipped) devices. Thrustmaster is proud to be releasing the wireless versions of the first milestone headsets, the Y-400Pw for PlayStation®3 and the Y-400Xw for Xbox 360®.

Technology honed for gaming

As always Thrustmaster is driven by performance. As one of the premier gaming accessory brands in the world Thrustmaster has chosen to utilize an advanced and robust built-in technology into both the Y-400Pw and the Y-400Xw. They will be using 2.4 GHz WiFi technology which delivers a latency and interference-free signal, while offering a 10 metre range, simple and swift Plug & Play connectivity, and add to dynamic play for gamers of all levels. Thrustmaster will empower any gamer to greatness by providing the latest wireless technologies for their game play.

In addition to a rechargeable (lithium-polymer) battery offering 10 hours' battery life, Thrustmaster has always focused on gamers and providing them with the ability to maximize their gameplay. With this ethos in mind the headsets in the Y400 range will be supplied with a cable enabling users to continue playing while charging their headsets.

With wireless technology and cutting-edge audio the Y400 series offers the same remarkable signature sound as its predecessors: 50 mm drivers ensure optimum and unrivalled audio. This feature combined with wide ear pads will ensure exceptional noise insulation and emerge any level gamer into a highly immersive audio environment.

To allow for precise and real-time audio adjustment for different gaming environments, Thrustmaster has included a unique set of controls; these high quality controls will provide subtle changes within the audio experience provided by the Y-400 series, enabling users to fine-tune the audio and microphone settings within their gaming environment. They will be fully wireless on the PlayStation®3 version, which is a phenomenal development for this series!

Finally, the microphone has also been optimized: the unidirectional microphone offers a noise-cancelling feature that isolates the player's voice, while removing background noise. The microphone is also detachable, enabling players to make the most of their headset's versatility when they aren't playing (e.g. when watching movies or listening to music).

A purpose-designed headset

Additional ear pads included.

In recognizing that comfort is an essential feature of gaming Thrustmaster has created the Y400 headsets around an ergonomic design that makes sure to provide comfort for all gamers. The Thrustmaster Y-400 series features leather padding and dual metal strips allowing for precise adjustment for all head types. In keeping the gamer first, Thrustmaster has also provided an additional set of cushions with each headset. This will give each gamer the opportunity to control their long term gaming experience by choosing if they want to use fabric ear pads or the provided leather ear pads.

Enabling players to concentrate on gaming and enjoying their personal music when they feel like it!

The Y-400Pw headset is compatible with the PlayStation®3, PC and Mac®, and the Y-400Xw is compatible with the Xbox 360®, however these headsets' compatibility goes much further. Thrustmaster has engineered the Y-400 series to allow gamers to have their music at their fingertips. Gamers will have the ability to mix the music tracks stored on their mp3 player or smartphone with their favourite games' soundtracks, using the headset as a transmitter*.

The Y-400Pw and Y-400Xw headsets will be available in August 2013 at a suggested retail price of £149.99

*Requires a 3.5 mm jack cable, not included

Check out all of our products at www.thrustmaster.com.

For product video please follow : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ooj6SdlhvP0

For the dedicated website please follow : http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_UK/y-gaming-headsets

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