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Thrustmaster Release New HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick - Replica of the A-10C Flight Stick

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London, April 25, 2013 - In order to respond to demand from the flight sim community, Thrustmaster is pleased to announce that it will now offer a standalone version of its A-10C attack aircraft flight stick replica.

Specially designed for flight simmers:

With the release of the HOTAS WarthogTM Flight Stick, owners of the HOTAS CougarTM stick and flight sim fans in general will be able to get a taste of the incredibly specific sensations provided by the stick of the A-10C, the U.S. Air Force's famous attack aircraft. A replica of the plane's control stick designed by Thrustmaster - creator of the original "Hands On Throttle And Stick" concept - and officially licensed by the U.S. government's Department of the Air Force, the HOTAS WarthogTM Flight Stick is composed of a detachable metal handle which is also compatible with the base of the HOTAS CougarTM stick (and vice versa), plus a base and a support plate.

Very comprehensive controls:

Thanks to a metal plate which can be detached from its base, the HOTAS WarthogTM Flight Stick can be used either on a desk or mounted in a cockpit. The activation pressure on the stick's buttons and trigger is completely realistic. It features 19 action buttons in total, plus one 8-way "point of view" hat: 1 x 8-way "point of view" hat, 2 x 8-way hats, 1 x 4-way hat with push button, 1 x metal dual trigger, 2 x push buttons, 2 x pinkie push buttons. The stick includes a USB connector and also features upgradable firmware; what's more, it's ultra-stable (weighing in at more than 6.6 lbs/3 kg).

Featuring H.E.A.R.T. HallEffect AccuRate TechnologyTM*, the stick provides surgical precision that won't decrease over time! The 3D (Hall effect) magnetic sensors provide 16-bit resolution (65,536 x 65,536 values). A unique resistance system incorporating 5 springs ensures firm tension, perfectly smooth movements with no sticking points and no dead zone around the neutral position.

The HOTAS WarthogTM Flight Stick is also compatible with the T.A.R.G.E.T Thrustmaster Advanced pRogramming Graphical EdiTorTM software suite, available free for download. This innovative application lets you test, configure and program Thrustmaster® controllers including the HOTAS WarthogTM, MFD Cougar, HOTAS CougarTM, T.16000M and HOTAS WarthogTM Flight Stick. The software is based on the drag-and-drop principle for total ease of use, and features different programming levels (Basic, Advanced and Script) - making it perfect for all users from newbies to the most diehard flight sim fans.

The HOTAS WarthogTMFlight Stickwill be available from May 2013 at a suggested retail price of £229.99.

Check out all of our products at www.thrustmaster.com.


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