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Mobile Gaming Made Better with the Gamesir G6S

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The world’s first mobile gaming controller with customizable buttons

September 2019. Gamesir, a leading provider in innovative, high quality game peripherals are pleased to announce that, following on from their successful Indiegogo campaign, the Gamesir G6S for iPhone is fully available.

The rise of battle royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG mean that the mobile gaming industry has changed forever, and the accessories available to play such games have evolved. With previous games like Angry Bird or Candy Crush, gamers didn’t need accessories to enhance gameplay or make the most of their gaming experience. In a game where there are multiple opponents playing along and the last man standing is the winner, it is important to have both a good smartphone and gaming accessories. 

The GameSir G6S Touchroller is a hybrid game controller that has been developed specifically for mobile gaming on the iPhone. A new term coined by GameSir, ‘Touchroller’ describes the combination of gamepad and touchscreen controls for the perfect in game control and experience.

Designed specifically for FPS, MOBA and games that need the combination of gamepad and touch screen controls, the G6S is the world’s first mobile gaming controller where the vibrating buttons can be customised. 

Enhance your gaming experience thanks to the dual motor vibration. Enjoy the interactive in-game effects and customise the intensity and duration of the movement to suit you and get a mobile game experience like no other. 

Using the left controller to move or jump, you can then focus on precise aiming using the right touchscreen making sure the entire battlefield is in your hands. The professional layout of 10 configurable buttons and an ultra-thin 3D joystick enables optimal combination control of moving, aiming, jumping, shooting, tactical positioning and combo attacks in a variety of game genres. 

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, the GameSir G6S will provide a strong connection to the controller when game playing, so you don’t need worry about missing a play. 

Play without worrying that your iPhone will fall out of the controller – the two stage retractable structure ensures a strong fit for even the largest iPhone, meaning you can stay focused on winning your battle!

The GameSir G6S is available for RRP £39.99. For more information head to

About GameSir:

Founded in 2010, GameSir is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance gaming peripherals, providing high-tech gaming hardware and excellent gaming experience for every gamer. In the name of "Gaming is Winning", we know exactly what each gamer really crave - the accurate control and enhanced gaming experience. Therefore, we tested every potential solution to meet the needs of gamers, which is our mission.