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Cougar Immersa Pro

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Get Immersed

The Immersa Pro is the definitive gaming headset. It's 7.1 Virtual Surround audio allows you to become truly immersed in the heat of battle, hearing your enemies’ steps while they approach you to meet their demise.

With fully customisable RGB backlighting, and various lighting modes, the Immersa Pro allows your headset to be unique.

7.1 Virtual Surround 360º Immersive Audio

Get a 360º experience with Immersa Pro's high quality 7.1 virtual surround sound. Immersa Pro's 50mm neodymium drivers bring you lifelike audio feedback during your game that allows you to compete at any level.

Hear enemies approaching you and battle the best of the best in a level playing field! Moreover, the COUGAR external USB sound card provides upgraded audio effects which immerses you deeper into all gaming situations.

A Visual RGB Feast


With Immersa Pro, 16.8 million RGB colours are at your disposal. This ensures the Immersa Pro always matches your style, be it when gaming competitively at a LAN or at home.


Rapid, Responsive, and Intuitive Earcup Dials


Users can easily control their volume and mic mute, with easy to reach controls on the earcups.No longer will you need to find the clunky controller to adjust your in game audio, or tab out of game to reduce the volume.


Unparalleled Comfort


COUGAR has not skimped on high quality materials, and Immersa Pro's 100 mm ear pads are proof of it. A suspended headband design with extra-large memory foam ear pads and omni-directional adaptive ear shells provide an extremely comfortable experience even during long gaming sessions.


Retractable Microphone and Noise Cancellation Technology


The microphone is flexible, convenient and durable - It even allows you to retract when it's no longer needed, which further enhances the headsets' adaptability.

Noise cancellation technologies eliminate all background noise and delivers crystal clear voice during gaming conversation. This ensures that your teammates will not miss any instructions even during a firefight.

The LED indicator mic will light up to inform you if its is currently active. You only need to get a glimpse of the mic, and you will know current conditions. No matter how intense a games is, it is always under your control!




Driver 50mm
Max. Input Power 100mW
Sensitivity at 1KHz 100dB ± 3dB
Impedance at 1KHz 32Ω +/- 15%
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
Cable Length 2m




Type Noise Cancelling Condenser
Frequency Response 100Hz to 16kHz
Sensitivity at 1KHZ -40dB ± 3dB
Impedance 2.2kΩ
COUGAR UIX™ System Yes
Connector Type USB / 3.5mm Phone Plug

Available from Overclockers UK for only £79.99

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