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QOTW: What are your first impressions of Titanfall beta?

by Parm Mann on 14 February 2014, 16:30

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA)

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Been lucky enough to score a beta code for Titanfall? Then we know what you'll be doing this weekend. But take a moment, think of those poor souls who don't currently have access, and pull yourself away from the game for just one minute to share your first impressions.

Whether you're playing on Xbox One or PC, we want to know what you make of the game thus far. It's only a beta, granted, and there's almost a month until retail release, but given the amount of hype surrounding the title, let's find out if it's living up to expectations. As always, use the comments facility below to share your thoughts.

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well, so far I've been given a Xbox Live pass despite applying for a PC pass…so I'm not very impressed :P
Contact CS. They will give you a new one.


If only read this before…lol. I just gave it away to another Hexus member on the forums XD
Thanks though :)
Got the xbone code as well, waiting for support to reply with a proper code
They do not invalidate the old code. They have confirmed this on the Titanfall reddit page. So you can supply the code and still redeem it for a PC one. :)