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Sensible Soccer - PS2, Xbox, PC

by Nick Haywood on 2 November 2005, 09:36

Tags: Codemasters, Sports

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More Sensible Soccer Info and screens

The Codemasters are promising Sensible Soccer will come loaded with masses of teams and players, multiplayer games for up to four players, and 50 preset competitions from all over the world. In addition to the pre-set tournaments, Sensible Soccer will feature a DIY Competition mode, which enables you to play cups, leagues and tournaments with your own competition rules.

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You'll also be able to create your own Dream Team in the game's Custom Career Mode and play them in any of the competitions. As you clock up the wins for your squad, you'll be rewarded with over 100 unlocks and upgrades, both useful and comedic, to customise your players with including Five Star Skill Bonuses for players and Dinner Jacket football kits!

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With further special content that will celebrate the series' 15-year anniversary yet to be revealed, Codemasters will publish Sensible Soccer for the PS 2, Xbox and PC in Q2 2006. Codemasters Mobile will simultaneously release a Sensible Soccer spin-off game for mobile phones.

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Prepare for the return of banana kicks and more online at the game's website www.codemasters.co.uk/sensiblesoccer.