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QOTW: Which free PC games should we all be playing?

by Parm Mann on 12 February 2016, 16:31

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We've really enjoyed discussing free software solutions in recent weeks. Your suggestions have led us all to new web browsers and a diverse range of useful software that doesn't cost a penny. Want to know what to install on your new PC? Bookmark last week's forum thread as it makes for an excellent guide.

So we're going to keep the freeware theme going by asking: which free PC games should we all be playing? More so than any other platform, the PC has a wealth of free-to-play games that are readily available. And at the very least, they're great for killing time while you await bug fixes for the latest high-profile release.

But which titles actually warrant your time, and can a game stacked full of microtransactions really be classed as free? We'll let you be the judge on that one, so let's hear it, which free PC games are worth a look? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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World of tanks. GG EZ
red alert

Loads of the ‘classics’ are now free and the system reqs are ‘a pc that works’.
3 years on I still play Planetside 2 every Sunday with my Outfit. The game has those magical moments when hundreds of players collide and chaos erupts in a huge battle that you just can't get in any other game.
Will probably play the game more in the coming weeks as the ANT + first phase of player bases nears the end of development on the Test Server.
CSS Gun Game and Zombie mode nowadays. But My fondest memories are of Counter Strike 1.3 Started playing this game back in 1999 i am (42) now. Words cant describe the feeling i had going from dial-up to Broadband and getting to play against real life players from round the world. Happy Happy Days :) especially as my ping times where sub 10ms and because i was the first on my street to get it with a 1-20 contention ratio. To this day i have never ever had a better quality connection, only 2Mb but that's all i needed, it was all about the Ping times and 60fps baby :) So for me Half Life Mod Counter Strike 1.3 through to 1.6 is the God of all free Multi-player Games.
Robocraft..its very addictive