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QOTW: Is PC gaming really superior to console?

by Parm Mann on 1 May 2015, 16:31

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We're stepping into volatile territory with this week's question by asking whether or not PC gaming is really superior to console. Why might such a question be deemed toxic? Well, let's face it, the Internet isn't short on brand supporters (aka fanboys) waiting to declare their fierce loyalty to a gaming platform of choice.

But hey, it's an interesting debate when taken seriously, so let's give it a shot. In the past, PC gaming might have been considered an adult arena, a more grown-up environment for seasoned gamers, whereas consoles targeted a younger audience.

Those lines have blurred, and today, many of the same games are available on either platform, and from an architectural standpoint the various machines have more in common than ever before. There are still obvious degrees of separation - price, available games, graphical quality, ease of use and peripheral choices come to mind - but given the current state of affairs, let's hear your opinion: is PC gaming really superior to console? Let us know your thoughts, and your reasons, in the comments section below.

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Well done for opening this can of worms…

But yes, it is.
Well, it depends on what you want for you ideal gaming experience.

Best graphics, sound, upgradeability, choice of control inputs, cheaper games, ability to use the hardware to double as a productivity tool, 60+ FPS!, stereoscopic displays, massive resolutions, choice of aesthetics….

It's pretty hard to argue IMO but I am sure some people will want:

Cheaper initial outlay, exclusive titles and reduced need to faff around.
How is this volatile ? Let's forget that you're asking the question on a website that is focused on the enthusiast PC hardware crowd, even most console users admit the PC is the better system. It's the convenience and consistency in compatibility that people turn to if they wanna talk pros, but I've noticed a great trend happening - less and less PC gamers are being obnoxious about it and more and more console gamers are being less hostile about it.

As people are growing up everyone realizes it's not like saying which is better the xbox or playstation or PC, because the PC is just a different class…not in a snobby way, but like in a definition way, you can't really compare them because they're on a different level, it's almost like comparing differennt generations of consoles, it's redundant because one is clearly superior so a comparison isn't fair
With all the Graphic's better blah blah blah… It's just a matter on if you can afford it or not. This is an argument of which is better a Ferrari or Toyota. A PC will cost twice than a games console to render equal graphics, also a console will last 10 years while a PC on the low end will be good for 2 years. Then there's the fact you cannot resell games on PC, but can get them a fraction of the price (steam sales). Also You can get 2 PC titles for the price of one Console on Launch prices. So which is better a Ferrari that costs 200k or a Toyota that costs 10k.
Yes. Ignoring graphics and saleable discs… The big difference with a PC is the Modding community.

Plus the usual… FPS plays better with k&m, and there are no decent RTS's that can play on a console. Finally, most PC games are now compatible with a controller so PC gamers get the best of all worlds.