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Character classes and character upgrades - Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - PC

by Steven Williamson on 18 July 2006, 08:00

Tags: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic on PC, Action/Adventure

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The Mage


In short:
He will provide artillery support with awesome magical weaponry that will deal huge radius damage at distance.
He can choose to be a generalist or a specialist, and to focus on one primal energy, fire or electricity.
He is the weakest class in close-combat, and also generally weaker than the others at low levels, but godlike at high levels.
He also benefits from a good protection against enemy spells thanks to his ability to cast shields. However he remains vulnerable to any physical attack.

More detail:
The Mage is the artillery support for the team and is excellent at fighting against groups. They have two main forms of magic, lightening and fire. These can be configured depending on your preference and not only do these spells deliver a powerful attack, but the mage can also cast a defensive spell to protect you team against other mages by summoning an invisible shield that deflects spells.

The Mage is superb against groups of enemies

Mage’s character skills

Force Arrow
A straight-travelling magical attack.

More Mana Increases the total Mana available to the Mage

Quicker Mana Regen
Boosts the mana recharge rate.

Flame Arrow
Identical to single-player, this flaming arrow can be guided to a target

Identical to single-player, this glowing ball of fire can be guided to a target before exploding in a deadly fashion.

Master FireBall
A roiling ball of fire which explodes on contact, spilling flames into a large volume and setting enemies alight.

Magic Shield A visible spherical shield which defends anyone inside it from magical spells by bouncing their effects off the surface. Provides no physical protection.

Lightning - Zzap
Zzap is a fast moving little bolt of electricity, enough to give minor damage to all classes.

Lightning Bolt
An instantaneous bolt of lightning. During casting, the target location hears a growing fizzing electrical noise, before a sudden bright FLASH of light, crack-boom of thunder and then an after-image of a lightning streak joining the caster to his target. Damage is instantaneous. If a caster holds the ‘charge’ pose for too long, the Bolt will discharge through him, causing damage.

Lightning - Chain
A bolt of lightning that leaps around hitting other viable targets. Note – will not hit the same target twice in one hit.

Sticky magical fire grenades. Bounce on the ground and then stop and explode, or if they hit an enemy they stick to them and kill them in a moment.

Ball Lightning
A slow-moving sphere of lightning energy which attacks anything around it.

Flip over for the priestess.