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Character classes and character upgrades - Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - PC

by Steven Williamson on 18 July 2006, 08:00

Tags: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic on PC, Action/Adventure

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The Warrior


In short:
The warrior has only one goal: get close, and kill fast.
He has no ranged attacks, but some shield / soak abilities that allow him to reach his preys.
His is fastest over short distances but tires easily. So if he runs too early, his enemies will escape.

More detail:
The Warrior provides the sheer brute force of the bunch and will no doubt be a favourite amongst those bloodthirsty gamers eager to increase their kill rate. Their strong armour and heavy weapons make them extremely dangerous in melee combat.

One of the highlights of playing with the Warrior was the ability to use an upgrade called ‘Running Attack’. By selecting this special power you’ll unleash a running attack at your opponent and take them out with ease.

An interesting point about using the Warrior is fighting other Warriors at close range. Due to the fact that your melee attacks are identical, duelling between two Warriors has a tactical element to it. Your opponent can counteract your stance or power attack move (see gameplay & controls) by executing an identical move. Judgement and timing is crucial if you wish to gain the upper hand and it’s often the case of an intense stand-off waiting for your opponent to make the first move.

The Warrior’s slashing movements are totally different. If you use this against another Warrior it causes minimal damage, but you’ll be able to take our other character classes relatively easy at close range.

The Undead Warrior is as strong as an ox.

Warrior’s character skills

The knight’s shield allows them to project a visible physical defence from arrows and spells

This upgradeable skill increases the rate the stamina bar refills allowing knights to run faster, longer, and to chain more stance attacks

This upgradeable skill reduces damage taken from physical attacks.

Magic Resist
An ability of knights to resist all magical effects – both enemy damage and their own team’s bonuses. Note that this skill is entirely personal and provides no assistance to any other character.

Shield Charge
Using Shield Charge the knight covers the distance to a target in a rush, and throws them back, dealing a lot of damage. The Knight must have a high Stamina available before they can charge. Two knights who Charge each other at the same time are knocked back and stunned.

Running Attack
A special move that seriously damages one enemy. The knight must be moving at top speed towards his target, then jumps and attacks, bringing his blade down from above with awesome force.

Stance Upgrade
Reduces the time taken to enter Combat Stances

Damage Upgrade
Increases the amount of damage done by each blow.

Last Gasp
This skill delivers a short-term health boost to a single Knight. However, a timer is also begun. At the end of this timer, all of the energy that has been ‘loaned’ to the Knight is removed immediately. This may kill the Knight if they have taken damage in the meantime.

Rally Troops
This skill allows a Knight to deliver the effects of Last Gasp to himself and other friendly characters within range.

Flip over for the mage.