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Character classes and character upgrades - Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - PC

by Steven Williamson on 18 July 2006, 08:00

Tags: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic on PC, Action/Adventure

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The Priestess


In short:
The priestess has a dual profile.
She can be a devious enemy or a strong team support.
She can cure or buff her team or harm, slow, poison and blind the enemy.
Resurrection lets her bring friends back from the dead, or eat the souls of enemies.
A resurrected comrade will see his fate linked to the priestess, meaning that if she dies, so will he.

More detail:
The Priestess is ideal for those who aren’t too familiar with first person shooters; she’s the healer of the group. Although I doubt you’ll get a huge influx of players eager to play with this more passive character she does have some distinct advantages that will undoubtedly help your team. As well as having a range of healing spells for individual team members or indeed the whole team, she does have an array of damage inflicting spells at her fingertips.

During our 3 hour multiplayer session it was clear that the Priestess will be a crucial character to have on board and, in many ways, she’s the heroine of the group. On numerous occasions, when health was low, you’d see the priestess pop up and heal those who needed it.

The Priestess is also the only character that has the ability to see through an assassin’s invisibility cloak.

The Priestess is the healer of the group

Priestess’s character skills

Cure / Curse
Basic ability of Priestesses, this skill allows them to heal friends and harm targets. Note that like all of the ‘Cure’ spells, the effects are different depending on the team orientation of the target. Curing your own team gives them health. ‘Curing’ (or ‘cursing’) the enemy is the same spell, but reduces their health. Pressing ‘Defend’ will heal the Priestess.

Cure Sphere
Creates a spherical cure field in a similar manner to Magic Reflection. Sphere has a maximum amount of curing ability, depending on radius (so shrinks as it cures). Cure Spheres act as Curse Spheres to enemy characters.

Heal Team
This skill allows a priestess to sacrifice her own energy to heal nearby friends in a wide radius.

Mark Target
Allows a priestess to ‘mark’ an enemy and highlight it to their own team. Team-mates who kill the marked target gain extra XP.

Conjures ‘bramble grenades’ which the priestess throws down to create patches of writhing thorns. Running through these thorns does damage. Additionally, enemies inside a slow area suffer a damage penalty if cursed. Priestesses are immune to their own thorn effects.

Stone Armour
Allows the healer to cast the StoneSkin spell on friends or themselves to gain enhanced temporary armour.

A Priestess can resurrect friendly characters, bringing them back from the dead to fight anew. Resurrected characters must protect their benefactor - if the priestess dies so does the resurrected. Priestesses can also ‘eat soul’ on the bodies of enemies, which gives them XP and prevents enemy priestesses resurrecting them.

Mass Resurrect
Like Resurrect, but works on multiple friendly souls simultaneously.

Ranged Blind attack

Toxic Cloud
Creates a cloud of toxic fumes which poisons and disorientates

These five character classes all have their own unique skills and the fact that Dark Messiah of Might & Magic allows you to switch between any of them , rather than being restricted to the same character, gives you the versatility of being able to choose a character based on any given circumstance.

SECTION TWO - Maps & Multiplayer Modes

SECTION THREE - Gameplay Impressions & Controls

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