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Character classes and character upgrades - Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - PC

by Steven Williamson on 18 July 2006, 08:00

Tags: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic on PC, Action/Adventure

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The Archer

SECTION ONE - Character classes and character upgrades

This section details each of the character classes available in multiplayer, our opinion on each character and, finally, the upgradeable skills for each class. The character skill's list may differ from the game's final version.

There are five character classes that you can switch between at any point in the game, each offering something unique to the gameplay. In multiplayer team games, it’s crucial that players mix up these classes in order to maximise their squad’s effectiveness in battle. The importance of working together as a team cannot be stressed enough and the variety of classes allow for some intense strategic gameplay, where you’ll need to switch characters in order to gain the most from any given situation.

Each of the characters start the game equipped with a basic weapon, dependant on which class you have chosen. The four weapons are bows, staffs, daggers and swords. Each weapon or character skills are upgradeable through acquiring skill points which are awarded through killing your opponents and can be distributed amongst your five characters in any way you wish. For example, if you’ve take a shine to playing as a mage, you could award all of your points to this character, but you will be weaker in all of the other character classes. Alternatively, you could distribute the points equally between all classes making for a more balanced set of characters.



In short
He is the sniper, dedicated at dealing high damage on a single target.
Upgradeable weapon: improve damage dealt, range, zoom, reload time…
In melee - choose to get ‘one last shot’ or run away.
Arrows fall under gravity – find high ground.

More detail
As an Archer (or sniper) you’ll need to distance yourself from the action, mainly due to the fact that he has little defence. At close range you’ll occasionally take your opponent out, but more often than not, you’ll get sliced to pieces. The vantage points allow the archer to pick out those opponents running across open ground, and, just when think it’s safe, you’ll be able to launch a well-placed head-shot and take them out with one hit.

The targeting reticule needs to be aimed above the target in order to gain the right trajectory. Initially, you’ll find this difficult due to the fact that opponents rarely stand still for more than a few seconds. Thankfully, one of the archer’s upgrades is a zoom function that assists in the aiming of the bow and gives you a clearer view of your opponent. This is an essential upgrade for those who love to snipe.

As an arrow is fired you will see a trail following it. We’re not entirely sure why this was added, but it’s barely noticeable and doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way.

In close-up combat the archer is pretty useless, so you’d be well advised to flee to the hills rather than face the onslaught of half a dozen sword wielding knights. There are numerous vantage points dotted around the environment, including castle walls and wooden outposts, and plenty of places for the archer to stay out the firing line.

The Archer -Exellent at long range, useless at short range

Archer’s character skills

The signature weapon of the Archer is a versatile weapon which delivers significant damage over a long range. As close as can be made to the single-player variant, except the reload / draw bow time is dependant upon the player’s upgrades.

Power Upgrade
Upgradeable. Increases the arc of the bow (the pulling power). Arrows travel further, faster.

Reload Upgrade Upgradeable. Reduces the time taken to nock and draw arrows

Adds in a modified zoom so the archer can see their target more clearly and aim more precisely over long distances.

Flare Arrow A bright flare attached to the arrow’s tip causes this projectile to cast light on the environment.

Fiery Arrow
This (magically) flaming arrow sets targets alight.

Poisoned Arrow
This arrow delivers the effects of the POISON spell to a single target.

Double Arrow
The archer draws and fires two arrows simultaneously in a horizontal spread. Note that this is slower and less powerful than an equivalent single arrow shot.

Triple Arrow
The archer draws and fires three arrows simultaneously in a horizontal spread. Note that this is slower and less powerful than an equivalent double arrow shot.

Bodkin Arrow
Arrows with a tempered steel tip. Delivers massive damage, ignoring armors.

Wracking Arrow
An unpleasant missile, this arrow causes extreme pain to the target resulting in SLOW Effects for the duration.

Flip over for the assassin.