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Character classes and character upgrades - Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - PC

by Steven Williamson on 18 July 2006, 08:00

Tags: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic on PC, Action/Adventure

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The Assassin


In short:
He is lethal, silent, and sneaky.
He can become invisible thanks to his cloaking ability. However, he will become more visible the faster he moves.
He can deliver an instant kill thanks to his backstab ability.
He can feign death, disguise as enemy team, and prepare some traps in critical areas.

More detail
I had more fun playing as the assassin than any other character. This is mainly due to the diversity of his character. At first glance his dagger appears to be a rather weak weapon against the powerful steel sword and heavy armour of a Warrior or the powerful spells of a mage, but there’s much more to him than just sneaking around in the dark.

There are plenty of places to hide around the environment, including under stairwells, behind rocks or in dark corners. These are just some of the places that provide an ideal opportunity to to pounce on an unsuspecting enemy. Using the stance mode (see gameplay & controls) the assassin can dual wield his daggers in a ninja style, sneak up behind an opponent and take him out before he’s even seen you. However it’s the uniqiue upgrades that really take this character to the next level.

Included in the list of upgrades is the ‘Polymorph’ function, which allows you to change your appearance so that you look like a member of the opposite team. This function allows you to walk, almost undetected, amongst the enemy and take them out when they least expect it. At one point, as I disappeared into the shadow chuckling to myself, I heard a yell, ‘Hey, someone from my own team just killed me.’ Brilliant!

It doesn’t end there, as well the ability to trigger traps and poison enemies, you can also ‘play dead’, a superb tool to use if you see a group of heavily armed Knights heading your way.

The range of exciting upgrades make the assassin a must-play character.

The Assassin hides in the shadows and jump out on your enemy

Assassin’s character skills

A lethal ‘leap forward and kill’ move. This move is triggered automatically when the assassin is close behind a target.

Signature ability of the Assassin, the Cloak provides varying degrees of invisibility depending on experience and behaviour. The visibility of the cloaked assassin depends on how fast they move, and what is visible behind them.

Move Silent
This upgradeable skill reduces the noise made by an Assassin’s movements. In the end an assassin will be able to run almost without being heard.

This upgradeable skill increases the rate the stamina bar refills. This allows the Assassin more sprinting and more jumping, enabling him to escape Knights (amongst others).

Poison Dagger
A successful blow of this poisoned dagger delivers the effects of POISON to the target.

An Assassin using this ability appears like a member of the opposite team. Team indicators (name colour, map location etc) will also be changed, although the Assassin’s actual name will not, so by looking at the player list, a polymorphed assassin can be detected.

Feign Death
This skill allows an Assassin to fall to the floor and pretend to be dead, only to get up again on his command.

Exploding Gas Trap
With this ability, the Assassin may lay down a tiny explosive trap which detonates on proximity of a target, thus spraying a toxic gas cloud.

Unstaunchable Wounds
This special attack delivers a wound which cannot be healed, and causes the target to continually bleed health away at a low rate.

Triggered Traps
Triggered traps allow for the placement of more individual traps, and crucially allows for the remote detonation of these explosives – they are not contact, but more like ‘pipebombs’. This allows for more complex traps to be constructed.

Flip over for the warrior.