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QOTW: What do you make of Pokémon Go?

by Parm Mann on 15 July 2016, 16:31

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What constitutes a modern, triple-a computer game? We have, in the past, associated the best titles with immersive storylines, breathtaking visuals and exciting multiplayer experiences. So who would have thought that here, in mid-2016, Pokémon Go would be taking the gaming world by storm?

The hit augmented reality title was first released in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, for iOS and Android devices, on July 6. Within 24 hours, the game topped most app-store charts, and a further 15 million downloads were said to have taken place during the first week of availability. Pokémon Go has since made its way to the UK and the title has permeated both social media and news outlets in a way in which few games have ever managed.

CNN reports on "How Pokémon Go is changing the world," the BBC calls it a "Trailblazer that could redefine mobile games," and heck, one fella has quit his job to become a full-time Pokémon hunter.

It's the game everyone's talking about, so for this week's question, let us ask: what do you make of Pokémon Go? Share your experiences using the comments facility below, and if you consider yourself an addict, be sure to leave some tips for newcomers to the game.

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I stopped playing Ingress last year, which I did enjoy (till they ruined it), so figured I'd give it a go. Enjoying it so far. Bumped into a few people also playing it. A lot more girls play this lol
I value my phone's battery life too much, and - for that matter - my relationship too.
Nearly crashed into half a dozen Pokemon Go players on my lunchtime run today - they're certainly a bit of a health and safety risk! I do like the idea of a computer game that gets people up and about though, so I'm cautiously positive on it for now.
Pretty much hooked already, but it's the reason I've met my step goals all week as it's meant I've wanted to leave my desk at work during my lunch break which is no bad thing
Enjoying it so far, mostly harmless fun, and I enjoy taking pictures of Pokemon in amusing situations (that'll fade away soon I'm sure).

I can't talk about the longevity aspect yet. The game is clearly a grinder, albeit one with a unique selling point.

I won't be spending any money in it though. Sadly that does really limit the rate that I can evolve pokemon.