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Review: Powerbar: the ultimate home chin-up workout?

by Parm Mann on 29 August 2008, 17:18

Tags: Powerbar

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Upper-body strength, here we come

Once installed, the top-most bar must be used for the chin-ups, and unlike regular between-door bars, the Powerbar stands at roughly the same height as the top of the door frame. You won't, therefore, struggle to keep your feet off the ground. At 6'3in tall, I've had no problem using it.

It isn't only about chin-ups, either. Though they are the primary purpose of the Powerbar, it can also be used for pull-ups and leg raises whilst mounted, or inclined push ups when placed on the floor.

When in use, the Powerbar works flawlessly. There's no movement in the bar itself, and it feels as solid as any chin-up bar you're likely to use. With its well thought out design, there's plenty of room for even taller users to carry out a variety of chin-up exercises. For the shorter users, however, the bar could be out of reach. It's nothing a small stool wouldn't solve, but it's worth bearing in mind.

At a cost of roughly £30 including delivery, the Powerbar provides one of the simplest and most effective home workouts for upper body strength. It comes highly recommended to anyone seeking a cheap form of strength training.

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The Powerbar can be purchased from UKFitnessSupplies.co.uk for £26, BoysStuff.co.uk for £26.95, and from Gizoo.co.uk for £27.95.

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Where are the pictures of you doing the actual chin ups Parm:D
I did a couple the other day and my arms have been aching too much since! :laugh:
I've got one of these and I have to agree, it's great! :)
The only minor problem I found was that the two small circular studs, that hook around the oppposite side of the door frame to which you stand, can make small indentations in your plaster (but I blame that mostly on our landlords crappy workmanship ;) )
this looks really good, gonna go for one!

though will it hold in a mainly hollow wall house? doors dont look that strong :(
so it works in any doorway? i may get it then as £30 is cheap for this, im gettin bored of rowing and weight lifting so its kinda different. Just to make sure, it doesnt really hang onto the doorframe? more onto the wall so it doesnt snapped it right? cos doorframs are not strong :P.

Good article.