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Tesco first supermarket to rollout free Wi-Fi

by Steven Williamson on 7 December 2011, 13:49

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Tesco’s initial trial to rollout free Wi-Fi throughout its UK supermarkets has come to a successful conclusion this week with the retail giant now activating hot-spots in all of its Tesco Extra stores

Following a customer satisfaction survey, Tesco uncovered that a massive 82 percent of its customers say they would use a free Wi-Fi service, which will be provided by Telefónica U, the parent company of O2.

Before you march down to the Tesco café with your laptop under your arm though, it is worth noting that there are a couple of restrictions in place. Customers need to own a ClubCard and use its unique number to access the “Tesco Wi-Fi” hot-spot, and once logged in are restricted to 15 minutes usage per day.

Mike McNamara, Chief Information Officer at Tesco, said: “We’re proud to be the first UK Supermarket to offer nationwide access to free Wi-Fi. People are increasingly using a variety of digital services and we’re excited by our customers’ reaction to the new service.”

With customers’ noses buried firmly in Facebook while they do their shopping, we better all be on the lookout for wayward trolleys!

Update: We made an error in the above article. As pointed out by HEXUS reader, Aadersh Patel, "ALL customers can access the wifi free of charge for 15 minutes by entering their details when prompted. Customers which have a clubcard can register for the service (once for all stores) and are then entitled to use the Wifi in store, for an unlimited period of time (fair use policy applies)." Apologies for any confusion caused.

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It's a bit odd to be limited to 15 minutes per day. Very few of us (I suspect) will be shopping there on a daily basis, and our visits will likely be longer than 15 minutes. If I am popping in for less than 15 minutes, i.e. to Tesco Metro, I doubt I'll need WiFi access.

Wouldn't 2 hours per week be more sensible?
I suppose it's handy if your checking if the latest film/game/ is cheaper elsewhere before you buy it.
I suppose it's handy if your checking if the latest film/game/ is cheaper elsewhere before you buy it.

hehe, can imagine walking around taking photos of the barcodes of every item your thinking of purchasing and then using ShopSavvy/RedLaser/etc

Although I think I could still do my weekly shop faster then some of the people who seem to make their weekly shop a real day out!!!
Well, personally, I'm not interested.

It's not just that 15 minutes is, for me, far too restricted. It's that you need to have and provide details of a Clubcard to use it. So now, my net activity would be running through Tesco servers, and they know who I am? If I won't let Google have access to that and avoid Chrome because of it, then I sure as hell won't give it up to Tesco.

Besides, I don't have a Clubcard, and won't have one. Oh, and I don't use Tesco. Apart from that, it suits me down to the ground. :D
Suits me - enough for a quick message to the wife about anything I might have forgotten in the shopping list. (No, I don't use a phone for the most part)