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Archos to launch Android smartphone

by Scott Bicheno on 10 February 2009, 10:55

Tags: Archos (EPA:JXR), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Joining the party

Handheld multimedia device maker Archos has announced it will be extending its Internet Media Tablet (IMT) product line by adding mobile phone functionality and combining Google's Android operating system with its own.

This is a strategic move by Archos to move into the increasingly congested ‘converged device' market, which combines PC and mobile phone functionality. The popularity of netbooks has renewed the interest in a converged form factor residing between smartphones and full-blown notebooks.

These are the key features of the new IMT as stated by Archos:

  • PC-like Internet experience enhanced by a high-resolution 5" screen and full-width page viewing
  • Adobe Flash and Flash Video support, full screen
  • Access whenever and wherever to TV, movies, photos, music and games
  • Uncompromised TV recording and High Definition (HD) playback, all formats
  • Hundreds of hours of video storage, up to 500 GB 
  • Innovative design: compact 10-mm ultra-thin tablet
  • Long battery life, 7 hours' video playback
  • 3.5G 7.2 Mb/s HSUPA
  • Laptop-like performance from the first implementation of OMAP3440 processor based on the ARM Cortex-A8 superscalar microprocessor and DSP

The new device is not expected to make an appearance until Q3 of this year and Archos has yet to release any images. Here's one of the five inch Archos 5, on which it will presumably be based.


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Unless they know something we don't with regards to 1.8" hard drive capacity, it's going to be 500GB or 10mm thick. 2.5" drives are 9.5mm on their own.

Could be interesting though. I hope that by using Android (saving them from developing their own OS) means they can spend the time making the whole experience more reliable. Although I like Archos (I have a 605wifi and an AV-500) they aren't the most reliable or flexible. They need a software marketplace for people to release their own programs, they they really will have a killer product. The hardware has always been excellent, let down by poor or limited software.