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LG & BenQ license Flash Lite for portable devices

by Bob Crabtree on 13 February 2006, 18:46

Tags: LG

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adobe Flash Lite Man
LG Electronics and BenQ Mobile have signed up to license Flash Lite technology for portable devices, according to announcements made by Macromedia's new parent Adobe to coincide with this week's 3GSM World Congress.

Flash Lite - developed specifically for mobile phones - is claimed to "reduce deployment costs and deliver content and interfaces three to five times faster than competing solutions".

LG's move – which also includes a Flash deal for other consumer electronic lines – will, Adobe says, help the company deliver Flash-enabled user interfaces, content and applications across a wide range of products.

LG has signed up for Flash Lite and Flash Player Software Development Kit while BenQ Mobile has, seemingly, opted only for Flash Lite - to help its drive into mobile phones in Asia, Europe and North Latin America under the new BenQ-Siemens brand.

Describing LG as "the world’s largest producer of CDMA handsets, DVD players and optical storage devices", Adobe goes on to list world leadership in "air conditioners, canister vacuum cleaners and micro ovens" – though we're not sure how soon they're slated to be gaining Flash GUIs.

About the BenQ Mobile deal, Adobe says, "Flash will power the rich user experience across BenQ-Siemens devices, including customised user interfaces and enhanced content and browsing that will help define the personality of an emerging global player in the handset market."

Also according to Adobe, over 65 million Flash-enabled devices have already shipped worldwide, including mobile phones, TV sets, media players, set-top boxes, digital billboards, cameras, educational toys and car navigation systems.


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