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ROLLERtoaster - breakfast will never be the same again!

by Bob Crabtree on 30 November 2006, 11:30

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Singapore-based designer Jaren Goh has come up with a startling new take on that most mundane of household small appliances, the toaster. His ROLLERtoaster takes in bread at the back and passes it out - done - at the front.

Big-volume commercial toasters work in a similar way but the ROLLERtoaster turns breakfast into an event by letting you watch the whole process. And it has a tiny worktop footprint, rather than being the size of a dog kennel.



There's no indication on Jaren's porfolio site whether the ROLLERtoaster is likely to make it into production - or even if it conforms to safety regs - but if it ever does hit the stores (and at a reasonable price), we can see it appealing to a lot of people.

Love it or hate it? Make us brown both sides by sharing your thoughts in this thread in the 

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Jaren Goh - home page  
CORE77 - Jaren-Goh-Rollertoaster (thanks for the heads-up!)

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I like it.. though it looks as though it could be
A) Decidedly finger/tie unfriendly.
B) Easily modified into some kind of grotesque torture machine (but then, can't most things? :D )

That has to be one of the coolest kitchen machines around!
Sounds great provided (as said above) someone adds some sort of vague safety feature..

I can imagine it being one of the products on Dragons Den tbh - a nice idea, but one that probably won't do amazingly well.
Good idea , but wont it limit the thickness of bread you can toast ?
That's like the roll-toasters I've seen in some hotels (although they are totally enclosed).

The problem with this thing is that the ‘toasted’ bit of the toast will be cold by the time the last of it is done.